Cadbury’s Bought by Kraft???

Okay, I know people are dying and starving everywhere, and it’s kind of petty to be all up in arms about Kraft taking over Cadbury’s, but it’s part of the bigger picture!

Kraft is processed food, they don’t care about quality, only money.  Cadbury’s was an independent firm that has been known for delicious chocolate from Britain for decades.

I lived in Canada for some years, and got really into Cadbury’s.  I moved back to the US only to find Cadbury’s didn’t taste quite the same.  I didn’t think much about it, just stopped eating it.

Come to find, Hershey’s owned it in the US. Oh. Now I get it.

Food in the US isn’t about quality.

How could the Brits sell out like this?

I wonder what France woulda done.

It just can’t be all about MONEY!

I mean, lots of soulless bastards make it all come down to money, but THEY ARE WRONG!

I thought England had some PRIDE – unlike America!

WE don’t care if we make and eat shit – WE don’t care if the whole world thinks we make and eat shit.  WE don’t CARE!

Oh, England, My Lionheart…The Nazi’s didn’t get you, but Kraft will – ?

Poor ol’ Fezziwig.

Trusting those Gov’t Departments?

More Perils of Ground Meat

Jan. 09, 2010


About eight years ago, a company called Beef Products Inc. had the novel idea of injecting its ground beef with ammonia to kill deadly E. coli and salmonella. The Agriculture Department pronounced the idea effective and exempted Beef Products Inc. from routine tests. The company’s beef began appearing regularly in grocery stores, fast food restaurants and school lunch programs. It turned out the beef was not safe.

The Agriculture Department has now belatedly withdrawn its exemption. Top officials admitted that they had been unaware of the problem until The New York Times alerted them to the school lunch test results.

Specifically General Restructuring

General Motors (GM, not to be confused with Genetically Modified, or is it? – see ScaryFoods page) is trying to hold Americans over the fire: If you don’t bail us out, we’ll screw you up!

But no mention of WHY General Motors needs any help to begin with! They complain about job loss, due to lack of business; Hey, no one’s buying their shit; well, maybe they need to make different shit if they want people to get interested!
I mean, once upon a time there was no General Motors!

If General Motors sucks, and the vehicles that General Motors makes are not in tune with our current planetary needs, why not have other folks get all innovative and come up with NEW SHIT!???

Sooner or later we’re gonna have to, so how about rolling up our sleeves and getting to the drawing board?!?

I just don’t understand: Don’t we have brains and talent, resources and KnowHow?
Isn’t that what drove American Enterprise once upon a time?
Why can’t we build new vehicles?
Different vehicles?
Vehicles with batteries that charge up as you peddle along in them?
Do we REALLY need to go faster than 35 miles an hour?  Isn’t that fast enough?
It’s a damn site faster than WALKING!
And we could all certainly afford to get rid of some of the fat that accumulates on our asses from our currently overly sedentary culture, which leads us to needing surgery and medication…

To HELL with GM if they can’t get up to date, and they’re just friggin old dinosaurs who can’t read the writing on the wall, who can’t even change their suits!