Just reading about bloomers on and I couldn’t resist putting my own “bloomers” on display. As I wrote in a comment on that site, I like the combination of pantalettes and dresses because I’m ready for anything: dancing, climbing over fences, cocktails, cartwheels, stretching out, etc…I’ve been shopping in the pj sections for years now, getting lightweight and lovely cotton pantalettes/pantaloons/bloomers, whatever you want to call them, for little money, and a summer style I am really into.  (I guess I also have a modesty streak, but that’s another entry.)

Here are just two samples of a myriad of combinations:

comfy & stylin'

breezy & cool (these pantalettes have little fruits embroidered on them; you can just make out the strawberries)

~  & for all you word nerds out there, about to get on me about “a myriad of  –s”, check this post out:


Can’t; Not: empty slogans

In the town I live in there are signs hung about by the urban forestry association that say:

“You Can’t Top a Healthy Tree”

(top meaning cut off the main trunk at the top, forcing branches outward with potential rot occurring down the trunk –

Use of the word “Can’t” here is just all wrong, and provoking as well.

Because, yes; yes you CAN Top a Healthy Tree;

you shouldn’t, but you sure as hell can!

There is also an org. –

that has a petition I would like to sign and the lead line is:

“Education is NOT for Sale!”

oh, but it is, it so IS for sale.

It shouldn’t be,

but it is.

Sometimes Just Say No works, but the above statements are way too refutable.  They probably incite more rebellion than thoughtfulness.

It’s part of the rush to create the next catchy slogan that just can’t be argued with; but these so can.

US says:

US Says it Shot Down Iranian Drone Last Month

By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer (with some help from me)

“BAGHDAD – U.S. jets shot down an Iranian unmanned surveillance aircraft last month over Iraqi territory about 60 miles northeast of Baghdad, the U.S. military said Monday. A U.S. statement said the Ababil 3 was tracked for about 70 minutes before U.S. jets shot it down “well-inside Iraqi airspace”and that the aircraft’s presence over Iraq “was not an accident.  An Iraqi official said the Iranian aircraft went down near the Iraqi border town of Mandali. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.”

Colin Powell anybody? (Colin who? did what?)

“The Iranians consider the presence of about 140,000 U.S. troops in a neighboring country as a threat to their national security.”

oh, and one of my favourites:
“Also Monday, a 12-year-old girl was killed when American soldiers fired at a vehicle…”

now there’s a good example of your passive voice use:

Active Voice would make that read:

‘Also, Monday, American soldiers killed a 12-year-old girl when they fired at a vehicle…’

the article continues:

“…speeding toward them and Iraqi police near Mosul, said the U.S. military.  The military said the girl was standing about 100 yards (meters) behind the vehicle and was struck by a round.

But Iraqi police said the girl was shot while in a car with her father. The discrepancy could not be immediately explained.”

The People’s Mujahedeen said Iraqi troops have prevented food and fuel from reaching Camp Ashraf…”

“But Iraqi national security adviser Mouwaffak al-Rubaie branded the allegations “totally baseless.”

Iran and the United States consider the People’s Mujahedeen a terrorist group…”

“…21st anniversary of...poison gas attack by Saddam’s forces against Kurdish separatists….1988…killed thousands…
biggest use of chemical weapons against a civilian populated area in history.

(gee, how original!)

Every year, we wait for the anniversary and condemn that deplorable attack committed by a dictatorial regime against its own people.”

insert regimes/peoples here ~

are we past 365 yet?