If You Don’t Like It…

Re: the shirt in Australia’s Woolworth’s: Aussie flag in the upper corner, with the slogan: “If You Don’t Love It, Leave.”

Imagine some pig of a person saying that to you in the context of a relationship, perhaps one in which they beat you, or just generally don’t do right by you, and they say “What? You don’t like it? LEAVE.”
Clearly not someone who can be worked with. And clearly, someone to leave.

But Australia? America? A Country???

It’s made up of People, and Laws, and all that; It’s a Work in Progress, a place for many people to collaborate on solutions, not a tyranny of one.

So, if you don’t like it, maybe you try to Change it, maybe make it – oh, what? – BETTER?

Also:  What if it’s ‘your’ Country? The one you were born in?
A: Where would/should you go?
B: Picture this slogan on a shirt or car during, say, the late 1930s.
In Germany. “Hey, you don’t like it? Leave!”
Come to think of it, that is kind of the mentality they had, and criticism did come to a whisper, especially once they got all those dissenters and Commies and Jews out of the way.


Read My Lips

Listening to BBC World Service this eve, talking about google glass: how it is being worked up to read various facial expressions/emotions, like happy, sad, angry, etc…

As one speaker said, eventually this facial recognition stuff is “gonna do a better job of identifying my emotions than [a person/you] will.”

You want to know how I’m feeling? How about if you just ASK ME!!!!

It’s called Communication!

“they didn’t care who they killed”

re: persons on trial in NYC for crashing planes into the world trade ctr:

“They didn’t care who they killed!”

Do we care who we kill?

Do drones flying around in Afghanistan care who they kill?

Did we care who we killed in Baghdad?

Did we care who we killed in Vietnam?

How can they call this “Justice” when the verdict is a forgone conclusion?  Are we actually willing to listen to what these people have to say? Aren’t they already found guilty by popular demand? Perhaps by government show trial demand?  What is a trial, a court?  Are we really willing to listen to at least their motivations?  Was it cold-blood, or self-defense?

Fairest courts in the world?!? We’re full of shit.

“As awful as these people are”, “[we are willing to try them in our court system]” – Does that sound unbiased to you?

“Are you suggesting we just take them out and shoot them?”  well, wtf? what’s the difference?  We may as well save our money, take ’em out and shoot ’em, cause we sure as hell have found them guilty – at least we could be HONEST about our CONVICTIONS!