Riots in England

Calling these riots and potential riots a “crisis in European Democracy” is such a smoke screen to avoid admitting that it’s a crisis in Capitalism, which is not necessarily Democracy!

It also creates a gateway for something that isn’t Democracy to be brought through – something that perhaps doesn’t involve as much freedom as Democracy without control by the few wealthy might.

Red Red Wine….

There’s this phase, the one that I’m in, of being between sober and drunk;

the phase where you’re just feeling it, it feels good; it also feels slightly crappy; recklessness has awoken, and you want more.

This is the precipitous phase before too  much.

All the world’s beauty and all the world’s ills are pulling you into their undertow. Another drink and you won’t feel any of it anymore;

Another drink, and you’ll be staggering.


How to navigate this phase?


Sloooooooow down, even though you don’t want to.

Drink some water, even though you don’t want to.


The next drink with alcoholic content might be your last drink of the rollicking fun evening you’re having right now.


It’s hard to navigate these things when you’re in this phase, because as I already mentioned, you’re feeling reckless.

But if you don’t want to waste some good, and potentially expensive alcohol,

Slow Down Now.


Savor it, wallow in it, maintain…

Are You a Lefty or a Righty?

I believe that our currency is fake, no longer based on anything but our common belief in it, certainly not gold and silver;

I believe the Federal Reserve Bank is ripping off the American people;

I believe we are regularly lied to by members of our government, and as someone who actually reads history, I know it is a provable fact;

I know we’re being incorporated;

I believe we might be approaching a time when being armed will be a good thing;

I’ve smoked pot;

Am I a member of the rightwing militia?

I believe our taxes should guarantee free and equal education for all;

I believe our taxes should guarantee free medical and dental care for all;

I believe we should revise our entire way of dealing with conflict in other nations, and spend our money on schools and hospitals and basic services such as food and sewage systems for impoverished peoples instead of bombs and hummers and drones;

I’ve smoked pot;

Am I a bleeding heart liberal?

More than being of this that or the other affiliation, this boy is a symptom and an outcome of our current society.

I want to know how many hours he spent on videos and games, alone in his room, while he was a child.  I want to know about his homelife. I believe he is a victim also.

I’m almost as sad for him, and all the disenfranchised young men of the world, as I am for the people he shot.

Bleeding heart?

Yeah, but I’d also like to go get a gun of my own right now.

It would’ve been great to whip out my own glock and take him down; better yet, my 6 shooter, with deadly aim.

I mean, if we’re gonna revert to the wild wild west, I wanna be ready.

I have real lefty friends who live in a very rural state, who are preparing slowly for the great change, apocalypse, peak oil, whatever, and I am always telling them they better get some ammunition, start stockpiling weaponry along with their water and canned goods.  It won’t be all love and peace.

I’m no fool, and I know that sometimes you need to shoot somebody.  If anyone showed up trying to kill my family, I’d want to be able to stop them.

Right wing militia?

Here’s the thing: many hippies and many rightwing militia types agree on many points: The government lies, and is corrupt; the country has been taken over by the Fed; money is fake; we have to be self-sufficient; gotta learn how to hunt; gotta band together; gotta watch out for the cops; and smoking pot is okay.

Things start to split off when it comes to “race”, gender, ethnicity, religion, and taxes.

And where we get our news from.

As for this lost young person who has now, most likely with pride, committed an irrevocable act of violence, murdered many, he is hollow; his life never was, and with his need to be heard by somebody, he has fired deadly weaponry into our history.

This is really nothing new, and we’ve made heroes of plenty of people for this very thing, only in different contexts.  Truly one person’s hero is another’s terrorist.  And one person’s terrorist is another person’s hero.  Salman Taseer and Gabrielle Giffords are two vivid cases of perspective on that.

I wonder if Jared had posters of the guy from the Virginia Tech shooting up on his walls?

50 Million reasons why NOT:

I just heard that Republican candidate for Senator in Connecticut Linda McMahon says she is willing to spend $50 million dollars (of her own money) on her campaign against Richard Blumenthal, after his nasty “gaff” about serving in Vietnam. She’s already spent $16 million.

Hello? People of America????  FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS?!??

Okay, that’s only enough money to make 50 people into millionaires, or allow 500 people to have $100,000 or 5000 families $10,000, and so on.  This, in a time when families are losing their homes, when elderly people can’t buy both food and medicine, when children are hungry at school and still without new textbooks…It’s utterly disgusting!

Anderson Cooper writes on his blog site:

“Maybe you’ve seen Linda McMahon on stage in the midst of a “smackdown” with her daughter and some of the wrestlers. It’s certainly entertaining to watch, but critics say it hasn’t exactly prepared her for public office…”

I’m not sure I agree.  Sadly, I have to say that she’s got just the right credentials to appeal to our entertainment saturated culture.  Her background as founder of WorldWide Wrestling Entertainment puts her way ahead of the other candidates.  I mean hey, there’s Wrestling, which one does with one’s opponents, and once in office, with laws and economics, policies, regulations, the media, and one’s public; and there’s Entertainment:  Who cares how much she spends to get into office, as long as we get a good show out of her!  Who cares what she knows about real people facing daily struggles to survive in a healthy way, She’s got friends in the WWE!  And those folks know how to put on a show!  Probably half the people watching that stuff don’t realize it’s a cartoon!  And those are probably the same people who voted for Reagan, and Schwarzenegger…Yeah, Actors leading our country (no offense to all the intelligent thespians out there).

America is turning into a very badly run circus that is out of control.  I feel like I’m on a train that is careening off the tracks, first this way then that.  And who cares?  People like Linda McMahon?

What I want is reform.  I want free air time for all candidates, and all candidates should have to live in the communities they represent, and should also have to work half time in those communities.  And no one who has that much money of their own should be allowed to run for office because they DO NOT represent the majority of Americans.  They probably do represent the aspirations of most Americans, but if anyone thinks these people are in touch with what’s happening on the ground, in the streets, in the public schools, or the hospitals, or even local laundromats, they need to WAKE UP!

Once again, the rich are ruining this country.  Only this time, it’s almost over.

I hear the train a –screeching

as it’s comin’ off the track;

We’ve lost control, it’s on a roll and I don’t think we’ll get it back –

Oh I’m stuck inside America, the border’s closing in…

Won’t no-one come to save us, and there ain’t nowhere to swim…


I huddle in my room, amidst my stacks of books, near my little bed, piled high with warm blankets.

There is nothing urgent in the air around me; people drive their cars to work, to restaurants and movies, shopping, or further out to nature trails.  It is calm here.

I am not waiting for NATO forces to decimate my town.

How can I wake myself up?  On this vast island, which seems so far from invasion, bombs, war.


That daily, nightly condition, tremors through ground and body, fear, incipient, constant, in your veins, waiting, packing, securing, scurrying, wringing, panicking, not hungry, having to eat, wondering what’s the use, where can you go, how, how…how to Live…

It’s inconceivable.  The radio goes on, the talking goes on, the laughing goes on: Hey, are you coming over for dinner? Hey, are we going dancing?

And I don’t even want to leave my room, in this safe little town.