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"Change We Can Believe In"

Jet Fuel? That's a Good One!

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I’m sure I’m not down with much of this illustrator’s politics – NOT AFFILIATED!!!! –  but some of his artwork is hilarious! (and offensive, so beware – )

What’s a Country to Do???

So, Obummer is once again touring the ship instead of steering it.  I’m sorry, but I never took to him.  He just didn’t impress me much; I never got caught up in his rhetoric.  I’ll admit that I fell apart in tears of awe to live to see a black person first nominated for and then elected to the presidency of the United States, but the man himself?

He’s up against serious b’tards; this ain’t Mr. Smith; and with the mess this country wound up in just in time, people now smell his blood, and are going for his throat.

It’s not just him, it’s the whole damn government, but he himself uses the “I” word all the time: “I will pass x; I will end y; I will not allow z; etc…”  Whatever happened to “We”?

Using that “I” thing might seem powerful, but it’s not very accurate, can leave you open to all kinds of blame and attack, and also perpetuates the habit everyone else has of putting it on the guy in front.

As with Bush. Everything done in his name was certainly not only his doing; he hardly has the intellect to machinate the way things went down on his watch: his evil cronies were hard at work.  But they are forgotten, and it becomes all about Bush, and all about Obama.

Let us not forget: It is very much about the guys behind the scenes (and occasionally some misguided gals too).

Obama chose the wrong guys for the job most of us voted him in for.  Too many of those guys were part of the problem.

So I knew right away that we were still in trouble, and in some ways, worse trouble, because now the ideas of Hope, and of Black Presidents, and of the Democratic party in general, are tarnished forever.  Maybe that’s a good thing: maybe we need to give up all that party affiliation crap.

Meanwhile, Obama seems to me to be backing Wall Street, and corporate power, and we’re still mired in wars.

He’s also been so concerned about losing the legacy of passing a Health Plan that it seems any old watered down version would do.

Instead of saying We Won’t Let These B’tards Rule, he caved.  And don’t give me that stuff about working with everyone.  Chamberlain tried it, and look where that got him!

No matter how much he wants to bring the world together, if he’s not strong enough to handle the screwballs here, then why will anyone take him seriously elsewhere?

Meanwhile, what to do???

Especially about these bush-it tax cuts!??!

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