Let the Dark Shine

I just read that “women who live in cities that are brightly lit at night are 73 percent more likely to get breast cancer than those in the darkest areas, a recent study in Israel found” (in AARP Oct. 2008).

“The new study is one of a growing number of studies that have suggested that nighttime light is disruptive to the body, though researchers are still trying to understand the underlying mechanisms.”  http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/25/bright-lights-at-night-perhaps-not-such-a-delight/?pagemode=print

“People who are working while others are stargazing may face the greatest risks. Hormonal disturbances triggered by nighttime exposure to white or bluish light can disrupt circadian rhythms and fuel the growth of tumors, experiments show. Two decades of research indicate that women who work night shifts have unusually high rates of breast cancer, and some data suggest a parallel effect on male workers’ prostate cancer rates. Last December, a unit of the World Health Organization deemed shift work a probable human carcinogen.

“Yet light and cancer may be even more fundamentally linked. In last month’s study, a team that included Richard Stevens, the University of Connecticut Health Center epidemiologist who first proposed the connection, compared satellite images of Israel at night with maps showing where cancers are most common. Its analysis suggests that 73 percent more breast cancers occur in the country’s brightest communities than in its darkest.”

!Express Yourself!

“Muntadhar al-Zeidi, 30, (sentenced to 3 years in jail for throwing his shoes at Bush) defiantly shouted, “Long Live Iraq!” when the sentence was imposed, according to defense lawyers. Some of his relatives collapsed and had to be helped out of the courthouse. Others were forcibly removed by guards after shouting “Down with Bush!”

Many Iraqis interviewed after the verdict believed the sentence was too harsh and that al-Zeidi was a hero for standing up to the American president. Supporters defended his act as a political statement in Arab culture, where throwing shoes at someone is considered an especially serious insult.

On Thursday, defense lawyers quoted al-Zeidi as telling them, ‘At that moment, I saw nothing but Bush, and I felt the blood of the innocents flowing under his feet while he was smiling that smile.'”

For the Iraqi journalist, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who threw his shoes at bush:

I say he’s got more guts than any of Our journalists have!

Thank You for doing what we should’ve done long ago:

(ross macdonald feb 2009 vanity fair)

in the meantime:

“an ABC News/BBC/NHK poll released Thursday found that 62 percent of Iraqis surveyed considered al-Zeidi a hero and only 24 percent considered him a criminal.

Support was highest among Sunni Arabs — 84 percent — and lowest among the Kurds at 38 percent, according to ABC.v”

I wonder what a poll of Americans would reveal…

:cash handouts:

what kind of anightmare (repeatedly looping in and out) am I in ?                       Japan is giving people a cash handout of $120.00, hoping they’ll go out and spend and “stimulate the economy”…

jesus, didn’t we just do that?
like within the last year?
and didn’t NOTHING HAPPEN????


it’s almost funny –
the surreality of it,
each country, the exact same details,
and then,
the exact same solutions,
which are the same as
the exact same solutions that
didn’t work last time –

handing a paltry sum of cash out to people who might not have their rent next month,
hoping they’ll spend it and “stimulate consumption”

once upon a time,
people died from that;
once upon a time, that meant



We’re doin’ great!

f*k the corporations

same stores, same architecture (if you can call it that), same products, same foods, same shitty foods, same furniture, same christmas ornaments, same soaps, same clothes, same clothes, same clothes,
same same
same same
same same

fuck the corporations:

why the hell should we give tax cuts/tax breaks to corporations?
are we happy being robots working for corporations?

corporations are insidious; who can you talk to if anything goes wrong when you’re dealing with a “corporation”?

corporations don’t give a shit about people, or creativity, or fairness, or anything but profit, and conformity – faceless sameness.

I’m not interested in giving the corporations a “break”;

corporations have ruined our towns and dispossessed us of our opportunities:
if all you can hope for is to be maybe the head cashier or manager at some fucking corporate chain, what is there to strive for?

a paycheck?
a TV?

never to come up with your own ideas, to implement your own designs, strategies, to create your own unique business/life/products; what’s the point? day to day to day to day…nothing of note but shopping for stuff they sell…

whatever happened to ingenuity? folks used to come up with such cool funky ideas, roadside inns, products, and pies…self supporting and independently creative…

“When I grew up”, most of the stores and restaurants in my neighborhood – the Upper West Side of NYC – were owned by the folks inside of them, and that meant:
a) everyone in the store had intimate knowledge of what was in there;
b) everyone eventually knew me; and
c) each business was a model for what was possible for anyone to achieve: autonomy, independence, owning their own; creating their own, implementing their own visions;
consequently, the neighborhood was full of wonderful sights and conversations, not the same ol’ shit that was to be found 5 blocks down, 5 miles away, 50 miles away, 500 miles away…5000 miles away…

All the towns up through New England each had their own flavour;
All the towns across the United States each had their own flavour…
and Now?
what a fucking bore,
not to mention unnatural…

Corporations are trying to deprive you of your individuality!

We are being trained to be a factory species, computer run…

Is this what we want?

Fuck corporate tax breaks; give the people a break, let them create their own worlds, and experience their own lives, see what they come up with, not what corporations want us all to have, everywhere…

libraries of knowledge

as they patent animals and herbs and plants, our FOOD, and as google begins to co-opt all the books in the world (how many “google books” entries show up when you query the google search engine,  books you will never be able to read without paying somebody who “owns” them?, books that might quietly disappear…), I feel ever more justified in holding on to my whole library….

Record keepers, seed keepers, knowledge keepers; they can wipe us all out…
So bury it all in rubberized milk cans, save it for as long as you can, things can keep on and on like this, ever more plastic, ever more controlled, ever more digitized, computerized, roboticized, technologized,

but it also might all come down overnight….