Jesus at the dollar store

If the assault of daylight savings time isn’t bad enough, now there are preparations for Easter on the way, and when I went into the dollar store the other day, everywhere I turned I was besieged by images of Jesus, complete with thorns, in full agony, emaciated, bleeding, crucified.  The most notable were collections of lovely little stickers you can put on, what, your greeting cards? your school notebook? your bike?

I wonder if Christians have any idea what an affront this is to a Jew?  It’s like looking at the holocaust, complete with barbed wire, only woven into a circlet and forced onto a Jewish head – before or after he was tortured and crucified?  It’s like looking at a relative of mine, hanging on the fence, forever nailed to that cross, bleeding, miserable, inevitable.

It’s ghastly.

I’ll never understand why an entire religion would focus on this image of the torturous death of someone – someone, I just want to add, who was seen as a rebellious figure, both by the Romans and the Jewish authorities.  If anything, I’d say this image achieves just what the Romans hoped it would achieve: instilling fear in the population; sending a message: don’t be like this guy, or this is what you’ll get.

I could understand pictures of the supposed resurrection, or even of some beloved teaching moment, heart shining, arms open, etc, but fixating on the supreme moment of torture?  This has got to mess with a person’s head, especially a child’s.  What a terrifying sight to behold!  Not that it misrepresents what mankind does to itself, to others, to YOU, so perhaps it is a bit of a reality check, but dang…

It’s sick.  I’ll stick with bunny rabbits and coloured eggs.