Michelle Oughta Know.

The white guy said:

“They’ve used race to divide this country.”

Where can I start with how wrong this is.

No, they have not used race to divide this country; this country IS divided by race.

Race is THE ISSUE that is a constant in this country.

OMG. The only people “spreading hate and anger” are the white people who DO NOT want to DEAL with, or ADMIT the facts!

For all those white people moaning about this crap – oh we have a black president, black attorney general, and, hey, next up? a black person on a dollar bill they’ve been prevented from taking home in their own pockets time and time again by white people who don’t hire black people, or talk to them, or see them as anything other than janitors or thugs! – I say:

Hey white folks: When’s the last time you hired a black person? (oh, sorry, you’re probably not a business owner.) Hey white folks, when’s the last time you actually watched a movie or read a book about black folks, or read an article written by a black person? Do you remember that pic of Michelle with the fro and the rifle???? Who made that one?

Hello. It IS still the 60s, and too many people are still actually stuck in the 50s!

Obama, re: “you can’t”:

At a town mtg in NH on wed. Obama said re: partisanship explaining why republicans are voting against things they used to support:

“You can’t walk away from your responsibilities to confront the challenges facing the country because you don’t think it’s good short term politics”

Oh yes you can;


you Can!

More DUH: when will we get it?

“Separately on Friday, the Justice Department also filed charges against Johnson & Johnson in federal court in Massachusetts, accusing the company of paying kickbacks to a nursing home pharmacy to promote several of its prescription drugs, including the antipsychotic drug Risperdal, to elderly patients.”

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