50 Million reasons why NOT:

I just heard that Republican candidate for Senator in Connecticut Linda McMahon says she is willing to spend $50 million dollars (of her own money) on her campaign against Richard Blumenthal, after his nasty “gaff” about serving in Vietnam. She’s already spent $16 million.

Hello? People of America????  FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS?!??

Okay, that’s only enough money to make 50 people into millionaires, or allow 500 people to have $100,000 or 5000 families $10,000, and so on.  This, in a time when families are losing their homes, when elderly people can’t buy both food and medicine, when children are hungry at school and still without new textbooks…It’s utterly disgusting!

Anderson Cooper writes on his blog site:

“Maybe you’ve seen Linda McMahon on stage in the midst of a “smackdown” with her daughter and some of the wrestlers. It’s certainly entertaining to watch, but critics say it hasn’t exactly prepared her for public office…”  http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2010/03/03/cost-of-entry-50-million-bucks/

I’m not sure I agree.  Sadly, I have to say that she’s got just the right credentials to appeal to our entertainment saturated culture.  Her background as founder of WorldWide Wrestling Entertainment puts her way ahead of the other candidates.  I mean hey, there’s Wrestling, which one does with one’s opponents, and once in office, with laws and economics, policies, regulations, the media, and one’s public; and there’s Entertainment:  Who cares how much she spends to get into office, as long as we get a good show out of her!  Who cares what she knows about real people facing daily struggles to survive in a healthy way, She’s got friends in the WWE!  And those folks know how to put on a show!  Probably half the people watching that stuff don’t realize it’s a cartoon!  And those are probably the same people who voted for Reagan, and Schwarzenegger…Yeah, Actors leading our country (no offense to all the intelligent thespians out there).

America is turning into a very badly run circus that is out of control.  I feel like I’m on a train that is careening off the tracks, first this way then that.  And who cares?  People like Linda McMahon?

What I want is reform.  I want free air time for all candidates, and all candidates should have to live in the communities they represent, and should also have to work half time in those communities.  And no one who has that much money of their own should be allowed to run for office because they DO NOT represent the majority of Americans.  They probably do represent the aspirations of most Americans, but if anyone thinks these people are in touch with what’s happening on the ground, in the streets, in the public schools, or the hospitals, or even local laundromats, they need to WAKE UP!

Once again, the rich are ruining this country.  Only this time, it’s almost over.

I hear the train a –screeching

as it’s comin’ off the track;

We’ve lost control, it’s on a roll and I don’t think we’ll get it back –

Oh I’m stuck inside America, the border’s closing in…

Won’t no-one come to save us, and there ain’t nowhere to swim…

Education? Who needs it ~

Cars not Schools;

Bombs not Schools;

Shopping not Schools;

Football not Schools;

Facebook not history;

Twitter not Books;

Shopping not thinking;

Hello? Are you out there?

I know you’ve been whipped up, and are feeling so freaked out that getting online and going shopping seem to be the only things worth it anymore.   I mean, hey, if it’s all gonna fall apart, why not go shopping?  There ain’t no future, so why work for it?  Live for today, Consume while you can!

We need to spend money on industry, and on the military to ensure our access to resources so we can continue having industry so people in America can continue to shop.  So we don’t have enough money to spend on things like school buildings, or teachers, or textbooks, or literacy education for anyone who didn’t get it right the first time around in whatever school they might have been in, or not been in.  We don’t have the luxury of money to spend so our children grow up developed, educated, and with some sense of self confidence and self direction.  We only need workers and shoppers and soldiers.  We don’t need any thinkers or creative types messing things up.

School? Who needs it.  Wouldn’t you rather be a cashier? or a Janitor? or a Factory worker? Come on, we need factories!  And if you can’t get a job in a factory, you can be a soldier!  Come on, we need soldiers!  Democracy, Capitalism is under threat out there, and we need to go stamp out that threat!  Don’t you wanna be somebody?  A Sargent?  I don’t know how much farther up in the ranks you can get without education, but hey, if you can get good enough on that video game you can probably become a great sniper!

So Down with schools, who needs them anyway!

Let’s free up all those kids so they can become…become…?????