Riots in England

Calling these riots and potential riots a “crisis in European Democracy” is such a smoke screen to avoid admitting that it’s a crisis in Capitalism, which is not necessarily Democracy!

It also creates a gateway for something that isn’t Democracy to be brought through – something that perhaps doesn’t involve as much freedom as Democracy without control by the few wealthy might.

Bernie Sanders tells it

Here’s one detail for you:

Last year, Exxon made $19 BILLION in profits, paid $ 0 $ (that’s ZERO $$!) in taxes, AND got $156 Billion, 1-5-6 BILLION dollars in REFUND from the IRS!


Then there are these kinds of absurd tax breaks under the Bush tax credits – if extended, Per Year:

$1.3 million dollars tax break for Rupert Murdoch;

$1.3 million dollars tax break for CEO of JP Morgan Chase J. Diamond;

$785 thousand tax break CEO of Citigroup V. Pandit;

$713 thousand tax break for Former CEO of Bank of America Ken Lewis;

$813 thousand tax break for CEO of Wells Fargo John Stumpf;

$926 thousand tax break for J. Mack of Morgan Stanley;

and so on…

Versus, $250 measly dollars proposed one time for Seniors and Vets, DENIED by Republicans!


People who make a living on capital gains will pay less tax than firemen, teachers, police officers!

From 1980-2005, 80% of all income in this country went to the top 1% – the richest 1%!

Did you know that many CEOs are making 300, that’s 300 times more than their workers!

– that’s $250 a week for you, and $75,000 a week for them


Tell me one thing that someone on this planet does that is worth that kind of money!!!!!

Meanwhile, the corporations – who are now people and can buy congress, in secret – own almost everything;

for instance:

4 – that’s 4 – companies – Bank of America, JP Morgan, Chase, and CitiGroup, (maybe also Wells Fargo?) own 1/2 of ALL mortgages, and 2/3 of ALL credit cards – and, while they got bailed out at interest rates like 1.1%, most people now pay minimum 20% interest, some up to 79%!!!!

And did you know that 3 out of 4 of these institutions – that were “too big to fail”, so we HAD TO bail them out – are now BIGGER THAN BEFORE THE BAIL OUT!!??!!:

Wells Fargo:  43% Bigger;

JP MorganChase:  51% Bigger;

Bank of America:  138% BIGGER!

using billions from the FED to buy out other corporations!

And these institutions now own over half of the assests of the GDP of America!!!!


Did you further know that while we “bailed out” all the banking institutions here, we also bailed out the state owned Bank of Bavaria for $2.2 billion, and the Arab Banking Corporation in Bahrain for $23 billion, with interest rates of 1/4 of 1%?  And we bailed out Toyota and Mitsubishi to the tune of $5 billion; AND extended $350 billion to the Bank of Japan! AND: $40 billion to the Bank of South Korea?!?!

How are you doing this Holiday Season?

watch this 13 mins:

Better yet, watch/listen to Bernie’s entire filibuster on cspan:

Even if you just leave it on in the background you’ll get the facts in between your ears, and you’ll be well armed! AND SO ANGRY!

We ALL need to STAND UP!!!! Or We most Certainly will DROWN!
We cannot allow this unbridled greed, immorality, unfairness and exploitation to continue!   We can’t allow these corporations, the manipulative people behind their banners, and the heartless heedless isolated rich to sell our country out and bring us to ruination!  All of our futures are at stake, as is the idea of whatever dream has ever been possible here –

And Bernie is in his 70s!  Who’ll tell it when he’s gone???

!LET’S FIGHT!  Call, Write, Make NOISE!

* Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean 2012!!!! *

What’s a Country to Do???

So, Obummer is once again touring the ship instead of steering it.  I’m sorry, but I never took to him.  He just didn’t impress me much; I never got caught up in his rhetoric.  I’ll admit that I fell apart in tears of awe to live to see a black person first nominated for and then elected to the presidency of the United States, but the man himself?

He’s up against serious b’tards; this ain’t Mr. Smith; and with the mess this country wound up in just in time, people now smell his blood, and are going for his throat.

It’s not just him, it’s the whole damn government, but he himself uses the “I” word all the time: “I will pass x; I will end y; I will not allow z; etc…”  Whatever happened to “We”?

Using that “I” thing might seem powerful, but it’s not very accurate, can leave you open to all kinds of blame and attack, and also perpetuates the habit everyone else has of putting it on the guy in front.

As with Bush. Everything done in his name was certainly not only his doing; he hardly has the intellect to machinate the way things went down on his watch: his evil cronies were hard at work.  But they are forgotten, and it becomes all about Bush, and all about Obama.

Let us not forget: It is very much about the guys behind the scenes (and occasionally some misguided gals too).

Obama chose the wrong guys for the job most of us voted him in for.  Too many of those guys were part of the problem.

So I knew right away that we were still in trouble, and in some ways, worse trouble, because now the ideas of Hope, and of Black Presidents, and of the Democratic party in general, are tarnished forever.  Maybe that’s a good thing: maybe we need to give up all that party affiliation crap.

Meanwhile, Obama seems to me to be backing Wall Street, and corporate power, and we’re still mired in wars.

He’s also been so concerned about losing the legacy of passing a Health Plan that it seems any old watered down version would do.

Instead of saying We Won’t Let These B’tards Rule, he caved.  And don’t give me that stuff about working with everyone.  Chamberlain tried it, and look where that got him!

No matter how much he wants to bring the world together, if he’s not strong enough to handle the screwballs here, then why will anyone take him seriously elsewhere?

Meanwhile, what to do???

Especially about these bush-it tax cuts!??!

Two links:

Robert Reich has some brilliant suggestions

and here’s a cool poster with lots of ammo in it, from

What’s the War costing US?

“The U.S. Employment Effects of Military and Domestic
Spending Priorities: An Updated Analysis:”

“We show that investments in clean energy, health care,
and education create a much larger number of jobs across
all pay ranges, including mid-range jobs (paying between
$32,000 and $64,000) and high-paying jobs (paying over
$64,000). Channeling funds into clean energy, health
care and education
in an effective way will therefore
create significantly greater opportunities for decent
employment throughout the U.S. economy than spending the
same amount of funds with the military
a project of the
Institute for Policy Studies The U.S. government spent
an estimated $624 billion on the military in 2008. This
amounts to about $2,000 for every resident of the

“Amid the debates on the political and strategic merits
of the Iraq war, one aspect of military spending that
has been largely neglected is its effects on the U.S.
economy. Six hundred twenty-four billion dollars is a
vast sum of money-greater than the combined GDP of
Sweden and Thailand, and eight times the amount of U.S.
federal spending on education


The U.S. Employment Effects of Military and Domestic
Spending Priorities: An Updated Analysis
By Robert Pollin and Heidi Garrett-Peltier
Foreign Policy in Focus
October 9, 2009