Morning After

Today is

the morning after

Yom Kippur.

I find it hard to

put food in my mouth.

I woke with

a subtle headache,

undoubtedly from

going without

coffee for 48 hours,

and though I’ve

made myself a cup,

I don’t really want

to drink it.

I want to go outside

and drink in

the wide silence,

to be with

the earth.

On the radio

Joanna Macy is

reading Rilke to me,

reminding me

to remember

the beauty

of this world…

“World is lover,

world is self;

it’s okay for our

hearts to be broken

over the world…”

For this

I’ve needed


for I am just

a foolish woman


over the world…

to listen to Joanna Macy on Speaking of Faith: