Read My Lips

Listening to BBC World Service this eve, talking about google glass: how it is being worked up to read various facial expressions/emotions, like happy, sad, angry, etc…

As one speaker said, eventually this facial recognition stuff is “gonna do a better job of identifying my emotions than [a person/you] will.”

You want to know how I’m feeling? How about if you just ASK ME!!!!

It’s called Communication!

Are You a Lefty or a Righty?

I believe that our currency is fake, no longer based on anything but our common belief in it, certainly not gold and silver;

I believe the Federal Reserve Bank is ripping off the American people;

I believe we are regularly lied to by members of our government, and as someone who actually reads history, I know it is a provable fact;

I know we’re being incorporated;

I believe we might be approaching a time when being armed will be a good thing;

I’ve smoked pot;

Am I a member of the rightwing militia?

I believe our taxes should guarantee free and equal education for all;

I believe our taxes should guarantee free medical and dental care for all;

I believe we should revise our entire way of dealing with conflict in other nations, and spend our money on schools and hospitals and basic services such as food and sewage systems for impoverished peoples instead of bombs and hummers and drones;

I’ve smoked pot;

Am I a bleeding heart liberal?

More than being of this that or the other affiliation, this boy is a symptom and an outcome of our current society.

I want to know how many hours he spent on videos and games, alone in his room, while he was a child.  I want to know about his homelife. I believe he is a victim also.

I’m almost as sad for him, and all the disenfranchised young men of the world, as I am for the people he shot.

Bleeding heart?

Yeah, but I’d also like to go get a gun of my own right now.

It would’ve been great to whip out my own glock and take him down; better yet, my 6 shooter, with deadly aim.

I mean, if we’re gonna revert to the wild wild west, I wanna be ready.

I have real lefty friends who live in a very rural state, who are preparing slowly for the great change, apocalypse, peak oil, whatever, and I am always telling them they better get some ammunition, start stockpiling weaponry along with their water and canned goods.  It won’t be all love and peace.

I’m no fool, and I know that sometimes you need to shoot somebody.  If anyone showed up trying to kill my family, I’d want to be able to stop them.

Right wing militia?

Here’s the thing: many hippies and many rightwing militia types agree on many points: The government lies, and is corrupt; the country has been taken over by the Fed; money is fake; we have to be self-sufficient; gotta learn how to hunt; gotta band together; gotta watch out for the cops; and smoking pot is okay.

Things start to split off when it comes to “race”, gender, ethnicity, religion, and taxes.

And where we get our news from.

As for this lost young person who has now, most likely with pride, committed an irrevocable act of violence, murdered many, he is hollow; his life never was, and with his need to be heard by somebody, he has fired deadly weaponry into our history.

This is really nothing new, and we’ve made heroes of plenty of people for this very thing, only in different contexts.  Truly one person’s hero is another’s terrorist.  And one person’s terrorist is another person’s hero.  Salman Taseer and Gabrielle Giffords are two vivid cases of perspective on that.

I wonder if Jared had posters of the guy from the Virginia Tech shooting up on his walls?

Job Creation?

I was just reading about solar storms  (, and the suggestion that we’re due for one, and the scenario that would ensue: grid breakdown, potentially for years:

“The South African experience was particularly telling — the storm was relatively weak, but by damaging transformers it put parts of the country off-line for months. That’s because high-voltage transformers, which handle enormous amounts of electricity, are the most sensitive part of a grid; a strong electromagnetic pulse can easily fuse their copper wiring, damaging them beyond repair.”

Then I was struck by the sentences bolded below:

“Even worse, transformers are hard to replace. They weigh up to 100 tons, so they can’t be easily moved from the factories in Europe and Asia where most of them are made; right now, there’s already a three-year waiting list for new ones.”

Really?  A three year waiting list? Made in Europe and Asia?
Sounds like there’s a guaranteed market right here in America.

So what would it take to start manufacturing these things, right here in America?  Resources?  Training?

“Fortunately, there are several defenses against solar storms. The most important are grid-level surge suppressors, which are essentially giant versions of the devices we use at home to protect computers. There are some 5,000 vulnerable transformers in North America; at $50,000 for each suppressor, we could protect the grid for about $250 million.

Earlier this year the House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow the White House to require utilities to put grid-protection measures in place, then recoup the costs from customers. Unfortunately, the companion bill in the Senate contains no such provision.”

So, utility companies would spend a lot money on stuff made outside of the country, and then we would all pay higher utility bills to cover that, but no one here would get any work out of it, other than continuing to work on the grid…hmmmm…

What if some of those rich folks, like Mayor Bloomberg, Bill Gates (whose fortune, let’s acknowledge, depends on the grid), invest in setting up the manufacture of those things right here in America, employing at least hundreds of people, and saving our own butts in the future?

oh, probably something to do with that cheap labor/profit thing….I forgot…

Obama, re: “you can’t”:

At a town mtg in NH on wed. Obama said re: partisanship explaining why republicans are voting against things they used to support:

“You can’t walk away from your responsibilities to confront the challenges facing the country because you don’t think it’s good short term politics”

Oh yes you can;


you Can!

Scott Brown:

Scott Brown said, he wants to get in on important issues coming up, like having to borrow 40% of budget “because we don’t have the money to pay for all the spending, and I am concerned that we’re living beyond our means” –

oh really? how bout cutting some of that ol’ military budget, like a few planes, a few drones, some of that pentagon bloat…??