“Restoring Honor”, really?

Oh yes, we’re gonna have a race war, right here in America, the one we never finished having…And while I’d like to say we can blame people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, they merely represent and coalesce many of the people, especially white people, in this country who’ve kept to themselves in their living rooms because it wasn’t acceptable to say certain things in public.  They now want their ‘freedom’ back, and that’s what Glenn and Sarah represent.

They are not interested in Pluribus. They are not interested in bringing together the America that exists. Their vision of America is a white one: no reds, no browns, no yellows, no non-Christians…White, with Jesus as your personal saviour (poor Jesus).

They preach a heartless each-man-for-himself kind of monoculture; they spread ignorance; and they whip up people’s most base fears and violence.  People who are feeling disenfranchised and afraid of losing what they have are easy to whip up into rabid frenzies.

It is not impossible to imagine a kind of fascism getting started here: folks wearing brown shirts, marching through towns and neighborhoods, loud, angry, violent, showing their White Power, calling it a fight for Freedom, for America, in the name of God.

When this kind of behaviour started in Germany, people just let it go by because they couldn’t take “those people” seriously.  The same as now: few non-tea-party types take “these people” seriously.  After all, they’re so obviously inflammatory, irrational, pandering, performing, narrow minded, hysterical, manipulative, shocking, lying, full of shit, etc…They’re just a flash in the pan.  It’s just FoxNews.  This too shall pass.

We overlook this moment to our detriment.

The world is increasingly fundamentalist and reactionary, and full of murderous energy.

It is no small accident that this rally has been planned for the same day as the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech. And as usual, the irony of being so disrespectful to members of the black/interracial community while screaming about a lack of respect from the Muslim community, is lost on the less nuanced thinkers that are fired up by these two people and their kind of rhetoric.

These people want their country “back”, and their country a) never was; b) is only for white people who believe in manifest destiny.  in the American flag.  and Guns.  and “God”.  and by “God” they mean the god that they perceive Jesus to be the son and sole representation of.

Glenn Beck is quoted as saying: “We are on the right side of history. We are on the side of individual freedoms and liberties, and damn it, we will reclaim the civil rights movement.”

This is how our educational system is failing us.  There is a disconnect in this sentence, and it’s so slick that most tv viewers would have a hard time parsing it out.

“We are on the “right side” of history”: I think that is the most true thing in the whole phrase.  Yes, the “right” side, not the left.  How left and right ever got to mean what they now mean (due to parliamentary seating?) is beyond me, but taken as it is, “right” meaning conservative, not traditionally aligned with multicultural polytheistic models of governance, “right-wing” usually meaning white-wing,  yes, true statement; clear, simple, I agree.

But then comes: “We are on the side of individual freedoms and liberties.”  In this context, it implies that anyone who isn’t with them, on the “right side”, isn’t on the side of “individual freedoms and liberties”.

I’d have to point out here that, traditionally speaking, historically speaking, the “right” side has not been in favour of individual freedoms and liberties for ALL, only for SOME, and always the SOME that looked liked, and worshipped like them, and usually owned property, property they acquired through some shady deal, or outright thievery.

Also, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice mean very particular things to these folks.  Freedom, Liberty to be left alone to do whatever they want, no matter what the cost to others (who presumably only have the liberty to get dog-eat-dog, or get sick and die); and Justice for anyone who disagrees with them – Justice meaning exacting revenge on anyone who disrespects America – (kind of like justice for anyone who disrespects Mohammed – )

So this is Orwell speak wrapped in patriotic lingo.

And then, the coup de grace, linking all that with the worst insult of all, and a blatantly racist revelation: “We will reclaim the civil rights movement.”…

I mean, come on: How can a bunch of neo-con, fundamentalist white people “reclaim” the civil rights movement?  Just what does that mean? Was it ever theirs?  What do they mean by “civil rights”?  What is there for them to “reclaim”?

I doubt that any of these folks would’ve even joined in any civil rights rallies, let alone lay down in the road for the rights of a black person!  How many of them even work with black people?  “Reclaim” the Civil Rights Movement???!!!

What a travesty they are.  But a very dangerous one.

Glenn Beck is also quoted saying this rally is meant to “recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight to protect those freedoms.”   Is he including black service members?  Hispanic service members? Muslim service members?  Jewish service members?  Asian service members?  Women service members?  Gay service members?????

And, is he thinking about whether or not bombing other countries actually protects “our” freedom?  Couldn’t we do that by ensuring that we are not invaded, that we are strong and ready to defend ourselves here if something comes our way, by being a light unto nations, not a fight onto nations?  Why go stirring up more hatred in other countries?  How is that respecting the freedom of those people?  Don’t they deserve their freedom?  Or is it only freedom for those who subscribe to the agenda of Glenn, Sarah, and friends?  Kind of like with the natives here: either you give up everything you are, and be Free Like Us!, or else…!

Oh, but this is too complex a conversation to have with people who shout and make grandiose statements rather than critically examining what they’re saying.  Besides, few in their constituency are interested in complexities; it’s way easier to streamline these emotions into a few solid points that angry, probably depressed, financially precarious people can rally themselves around, go into boot camps with, work on their marksmanship with, be ready to sacrifice themselves for…(sound familiar?)

These people believe in this mission; it is very clearcut for them.

When they say America, they see white people on the shining hill, in the white house, wrapped in old glory, bombs bursting in air over anywhere that doesn’t bow down.  March ONWARD Christian Soldiers!

They want the brown people out, cleaning bathrooms, or in jail, and everyone else in their places – that means women, too; don’t want no back talk; don’t want no gays; don’t want no marijuana…

These white, neo-conservative, right-wing, proselytizers are aligning against everyone else in this country.  They do not simply believe in Live and Let Live.  They want us all to believe in their version of god, they want power, and they want things run their way.

And, as always, the argument lingers on: Who are “We the People”?



Today’s headline:

Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform –

November 2009

see: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/16/business/16drugprices.html?th&emc=th

And remember this, from Jan. 2009?:

Pfizer to buy Wyeth for $68B; cut 8,000 jobs

Associated Press / January 27, 2009 Published January 26, 2009


“Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drugmaker, said Monday it is buying rival Wyeth for $68 billion in a deal that will quickly boost Pfizer’s revenue and diversification –…”

“The deal is being financed by five banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase.”

“By buying Wyeth, Pfizer will mutate from a maker of blockbuster pills to a one-stop shop for vaccines, biotech drugs, traditional pills and nonprescription products for both people and animals.”

for more gory details, see:


or my own post:


and don’t miss this, just 2 months ago (9 months after that acquisition):

Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History

“…Pfizer has agreed to pay $1 billion [table scraps] to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugsBextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug—and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs. The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs. The federal share of the civil settlement is $668,514,830 and the state Medicaid share of the civil settlement is $331,485,170. This is the largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company.”

– quoted from U.S. Department of Justice
September 2, 2009:


Taking Note:

(click to enlarge, a must see)

”The combination with Wyeth advances every single one of [our] strategies,” said Pfizer chief Jeff Kindler (right). He held a conference with Wyeth chief Bernard Poussot yesterday. (Mark Lennihan/ Associated Press)

Associated Press / January 27, 2009 Published January 26, 2009

Pfizer to buy Wyeth for $68B; cut 8,000 jobs


Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drugmaker, said Monday it is buying rival Wyeth for $68 billion in a deal that will quickly boost Pfizer’s revenue and diversification – hello? isn’t that called becoming a MONOPOLY????…bastards… – and – if it works as advertised – help the company become more nimble.  Jack jump over that candle stick – woops!

The deal came as New York-based Pfizer set out a full house of issues: a 90 percent drop in income, a hefty charge to end an investigation, a severe cut in its dividend, a shockingly low profit forecast for 2009 and 8,000 job cuts starting immediately. That’s all on top of the colossal problem triggering this deal: the expected loss of $13 billion a year in revenue for cholesterol fighter Lipitor starting in November 2011, when it gets generic competition. Pfizer also plans by 2011 to cut about 8,190 jobs, 10 percent of its workforce, as part of what it expects will be a staff reduction totaling 15 percent of the combined companies’ workers – implying a total job loss of almost 20,000.

Okay, so can you explain to me how, with failing products, and massive job losses, Pfizer can even afford to buy anything/body?

By buying Wyeth, Pfizer will mutate from a maker of blockbuster pills to a one-stop shop for vaccines, biotech drugs, traditional pills and nonprescription products for both people and animals. HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT THEY GOT FOR YOU, CAUSE THERE WON’T BE ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO!

But plenty of pharmaceutical industry mergers have not lived up to their initial promise, including the deals that enabled Pfizer to leapfrog to the top of the industry – buying Warner-Lambert in 2000 and, in 2003, Pharmacia Corp. Pharmacia was itself the result of the difficult marriage of Michigan’s Upjohn & Sweden’s Pharmacia, which took years and eventually new management to get beyond culture clash and fully integrate. Pfizer and Warner-Lambert, likewise, had differences over Warner’s focus on consumer health and Pfizer’s “big corporation” image, plus “no vision as to which divisions would win out and which people would keep their jobs,” recalled analyst Steve Brozak of WBB Securities. “A lot of the turmoil that those acquisitions created hurt morale and productivity – there’s no doubt about that,” Pfizer Chief Executive Jeff Kindler conceded during a news conference. “We’re in a much better position to bring on board the scientists and programs and projects that Wyeth has,” Kindler said.

The cash-and-stock deal, one of the industry’s biggest ever, is expected to close late in the third quarter or in the fourth quarter. It comes as Pfizer’s 2008 fourth-quarter profit takes a brutal hit from a $2.3 billion legal settlement over allegations it marketed pain reliever Bextra and possibly other products for indications that had not been approved. “In one single transaction, the combination with Wyeth advances every single one of (our) strategies,” Kindler told reporters during a news conference.

Those goals include increasing sales in emerging markets, enhancing the ability to treat specific diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, and becoming a top player in vaccines and biologic drugs, which are made from living cells. Pfizer, also known for the impotence pill Viagra, said it will pay $50.19 per share for Madison, N.J.-based Wyeth. Pfizer shares closed down $1.80, or 10.3 percent, to $15.65 Monday. So how does that work??? Wyeth shares ended 35 cents lower at $43.39.

Analysts were split on how good the deal is but saw no benefit for consumers. “This deal doesn’t bring Pfizer the cure for Lipitor” revenue losses, but it brings short- and long-term cost savings, said Erik Gordon, biomedical analyst and professor at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. “It increases Pfizer’s research capabilities in biologics, and it’s good for Wyeth because Wyeth will now be able to tap into Pfizer’s marketing machine.”

Credit Suisse analyst Catherine Arnold wrote to investors that the deal’s addition to Pfizer earnings “should be massive,” and could start even before the second year. The deal likely will close, she added, and the amount of cash and debt that Pfizer has put together makes other suitors for Wyeth unlikely Brozak said it still doesn’t solve Pfizer’s long-term problem of not having enough promising drug candidates.– ?????what? “The question becomes what are they going to do to fill that research gap,” Brozak said.

Meanwhile, Pfizer is halving its dividend to 16 cents per share and eliminating five of 46 manufacturing sites. Those closings will cost about $6 billion before taxes, of which $1.5 billion has been incurred, Pfizer said. Pfizer has not identified which plants it will close. Wyeth said there’s been no decision on job cuts among its staff due to the acquisition. Pfizer said the new cost-cutting program will reduce spending by about $3 billion, $1 billion of which will be reinvested in the business. Pfizer Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio said the company will put up $22.5 billion in cash and $23 billion in stock for the purchase, with $22.5 billion in debt covering the rest.

The deal is being financed by five banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase. BASTARDS!

The tie-up will bring about $4 billion in cost savings by the end of 2012 and should add to Pfizer’s earnings per share in the second full year after closing. Both companies’ boards approved the deal but Wyeth shareholders must do so. Wyeth’s CEO, Bernard Poussot, will stay on through the transition but not beyond that. The companies did not discuss the fate of other top Wyeth managers.

The deal is likely to be reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission, which typically handles pharmaceutical acquisitions. FTC spokesman Mitch Katz said the agency doesn’t comment on pending transactions. Fitch Ratings downgraded Pfizer’s credit rating to ‘AA’ from ‘AA+,’ and placed the company’s ratings on a negative watch. Fellow ratings agencies Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s are reviewing their ratings. Acquiring Wyeth adds strengths in vaccines and biologic drugs. Together, the two companies will have 17 products with annual sales of $1 billion or more. Shortly after announcing the Wyeth deal, Pfizer said fourth-quarter profit plunged on a charge to settle investigations into off-label marketing. The company earned $268 million, or 4 cents per share, compared with profit of $2.72 billion, or 40 cents per share, a year prior. Revenue fell 4 percent to $12.35 billion from $12.87 billion. Excluding about $2.3 billion in legal charges, the company says profit rose to 65 cents per share. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected profit of 59 cents per share on revenue of $12.54 billion. In 2009, Pfizer expects earnings per share between $1.85 and $1.95, below forecasts for $2.49. The outlook includes costs of 21 cents per share related to financial strategies tied to the acquisition, Pfizer said. Wyeth said Monday its fourth-quarter profit declined 5.6 percent, to $960.4 million, or 71 cents per share, down from $1.02 billion, or 75 cents per share, in the 2007 quarter. Excluding restructuring charges, the company earned 78 cents per share in the latest quarter. Revenue fell 7 percent to $5.35 billion, dragged down partly by unfavorable currency exchange rates. Analysts expected Wyeth to earn 79 cents per share on revenue of $5.79 billion. —– Associated Press writers Damian J. Troise in New York and Christopher S. Rugaber in Washington contributed to this report. (This version subs 10th graf to correct to 2008 fourth-quarter profit instead of 2007. Moving on general news and financial services.)

For your edification:

The following is a list of key prescription pharmaceutical products as found on the Pfizer website, retrieved 2005-03-27. The names shown are all registered trademarks of Pfizer Inc. * Accupril * Aricept * Aromasin * Bextra * Caduet * Camptosar * Celebrex * Depo-Medrol * Depo Provera * Ellence * Genotropin * Geodon * Inspra * Lipitor * Macugen * Neurontin * Rebif * Relpax * Rescriptor * Somavert * Spiriva HandiHaler * Tikosyn * Vfend * Viagra * Viracept * Xalatan * Xanax * Xanax XR * Zithromax * Zoloft * Zyrtec

PFIZER PRODUCTS INC. GROTON, CT US 1. 20090004221Mutant Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus 01-01-2009 2. 20080262107 Pharmaceutical Compositions With Enhanced Performance 10-23-2008 ???????

J&J buys Pfizer consumer products Manufacturing News, Source : TheManufacturer.com Published :

03 Jul 2006 12:53 J&J buys Pfizer consumer products Johnson & Johnson will acquire Pfizer’s consumer-products division for $16.6 billion, chiefly in cash. Pfizer, best known for Viagra, has a rich portfolio of consumer products as well, including Listerine, Neosporin and Visine, as well as such over-the-counter drugs as Nicorette, Zantac and Sudafed.

Pfizer Product Samples ( Moms Kit ) — For these product samples you will have to call pfizer at 1-800-223-0182 ( toll free ) , press number 5 for promotions and ask for the free moms kit . You will receive samples of pfizer products such as lubriderm, desitin and a whole bunch of savings for their products along with useful information on how to better yourself as a mother ….

and don’t forget: Benadryl Dilantin Flagyl Nicotrol Purell