Valentine’s Crush

Dear You:

Everyday I see you

I tell you how I feel;

I sigh, we chat, you hear me,

Your presence my heart heals,

Everyday I’m with you

And no matter where I go,

I’ll long for you and wish that you

Could always be my home…

So green and lush and magickal,

You took me in your arms;

I dream of you so many nights –

You’ve caught me with your charms.

Your English Daisy fairies,

Who sing to me each spring,

Your snowdrops who, so thrilingly,

Announce the warmth they bring;

Your evergreens and usnea,

Your salty ocean air,

Your mountains and your misty moods

Have nowhere their compare.

You are in my skin,

And love I’m in,

I publicly declare!

(to: the Pacific Northwest, notably the Olympic Peninsula)

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