Been Awhile…

How many times have you read that on someone’s blog?

I have to admit: facebook did it.

I realized today that I’ve posted many things on my fb page that might have otherwise gone here, PLUS! I had to limit my word count!

Still, the discipline of having to write in short blurbs, a la twitter (which I do not do), is sometimes liberating, certainly challenging.

I also had to sum my self up for an online application form lately; serious editing there: from 450 characters down to 200.  200 characters to describe, for instance, my past experiences, and things I’ve learned from Writing!  in 200 characters???

I didn’t do too badly, either –   might use it on a resume someday.

One of the annoying things about filling out job applications is, you spend a lot of time working on, perfecting your resume, and what happens?  You’re asked to fill out, by hand, all over again, all the stuff that you so carefully parsed for that nicely designed document that is now rendered redundant.  jeez.

…and then there was the 25 minute fairly invasive questionnaire I had to fill out for a retail job at Macy’s!  the first three questions were about whether or not I obeyed rules, and my superiors, and authorities in general – I really wish I’d cut and pasted the whole thing.

Way more fun than that was filling out a personally designed set of questions for a music/video store.  I wasn’t even sure I wanted a job there, but I just loved answering their questions: 5 fave movies, fave cds, interests, and so on.

Meanwhile, been tinkering around with a blog site for the radio show I’m doing for the summer at least. Plans in my head for podcasts too.

The world is really crazy right now, and I wake up to BBC  World Have Your Say every week day – my time live it’s 10 am (bbc time I believe it’s 6pm).

I’m still ranting, but I’m also dancing.

Hope you are too.