Eulogy for Another Murdered Business in NYC

Louis Shoe Rebuilders, in business since 1921, will be out within a month, and along with other small businesses already gone, the spaces are rumored to be slated for yet another restaurant.

What follows is the eulogy I delivered at the Funeral event held last week.


There is an ever growing hole in my Soul being gouged out by the devastation of local worlds all across New York City.


Brothers and Sisters of the Heart of NYC, our communities, our villages, all our neighborhoods are under siege.  Our city, Our HOME – NOT our vacation spot – is being hollowed out by Dollar signs.

As if money makes a community!

Money doesn’t care; Duane Reade doesn’t care; CVS doesn’t care; BANKS don’t care; Landlords DO NOT CARE!! “Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all”!

New York City has long been the cultural capitol of the world – a city for everyone, a place where anyone could make a simple living and contribute to the multi-coloured vibrance of the streets, create Art, open a unique business filled with things that could only be found in NYC, become part of the fabric woven here.


Now – like the towns across our nation, we’re being mollified! Sanitized, Homogenized, Disneyfied, Branded.

With the loss of each small business, we lose a part of ourselves; and we drift ever farther, becoming a diaspora of refugees from NYC.


Let it not be lost on us that Manhattan, once bought for trinkets, is now being tricked out and sold as one herself –

What can we do? At this point, I don’t know;


We can be here together, in our distress, in our sadness, in our anger and in our grief, and we can continue the fight, knowing that the real NYC burns like a flame in all our Hearts, and they will Never take that away from us, no matter how many lives and buildings they destroy –

And to para quote Robert Loggia (in Jagged Edge): Fk ‘em;They’re trash.

~ thanks to Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York and #SaveNYC.