Riots in England

Calling these riots and potential riots a “crisis in European Democracy” is such a smoke screen to avoid admitting that it’s a crisis in Capitalism, which is not necessarily Democracy!

It also creates a gateway for something that isn’t Democracy to be brought through – something that perhaps doesn’t involve as much freedom as Democracy without control by the few wealthy might.


Today’s headline:

Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform –

November 2009


And remember this, from Jan. 2009?:

Pfizer to buy Wyeth for $68B; cut 8,000 jobs

Associated Press / January 27, 2009 Published January 26, 2009


“Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drugmaker, said Monday it is buying rival Wyeth for $68 billion in a deal that will quickly boost Pfizer’s revenue and diversification –…”

“The deal is being financed by five banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase.”

“By buying Wyeth, Pfizer will mutate from a maker of blockbuster pills to a one-stop shop for vaccines, biotech drugs, traditional pills and nonprescription products for both people and animals.”

for more gory details, see:

or my own post:

and don’t miss this, just 2 months ago (9 months after that acquisition):

Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History

“…Pfizer has agreed to pay $1 billion [table scraps] to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugsBextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug—and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs. The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs. The federal share of the civil settlement is $668,514,830 and the state Medicaid share of the civil settlement is $331,485,170. This is the largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company.”

– quoted from U.S. Department of Justice
September 2, 2009:

:Something to Cheer You Up:

Despite Slump, U.S. Role as Top Arms Supplier Grows

New York Times
September 6, 2009

WASHINGTON – Despite a recession that knocked down
global arms sales last year, the United States expanded
its role as the world’s leading weapons supplier,
increasing its share to more than two-thirds of all
foreign armaments deals, according to a new
Congressional study.

The United States signed weapons agreements valued at
$37.8 billion in 2008, or 68.4 percent of all business
in the global arms bazaar
, up significantly from
American sales of $25.4 billion the year before.

“Fake Trees”

“Engineers design fake ‘trees’ to pull in CO2

One tower uses resin to trap carbon dioxide; energy industry seen as buyer.”

This is only one headline (msnbc), one version of the news all around the world: some engineers/corporations? are getting ready to invest who knows how much money into making even more industrial contraptions – using plastics too – to do the work that, forgive me, but, god/the great mystery made real Trees perfectly suited for!

“[Lackner’s] vision is to have thousands of artificial trees and estimates that every single one would remove 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – the equivalent emissions of 20,000 cars.” (BBC) – great.Well, law; that must be more than what Trees can do!

BUT I don’t wanna live in a world full of fake Trees! We make Bladerunner and then we live it out!

Why the hell don’t we just PLANT REAL TREES!!!!?!!!!!?

What is the matter with us????

We cut ’em down all across every continent, somehow overlook what every grade school kid knows; that Trees take in CO2, and breathe back out OXYGEN – not to mention give us shade, keep our streets cool, and furnish our homes and fires – and now some weirdly com-part-mentalized group of scientists/engineers comes up with this insane idea, to make these really ugly, (“It looks like a goal post with Venetian blinds,” says inventor Columbia University physicist Klaus Lackner – (BBC news/science)no doubt energy consuming MACHINES to do what ancient beings have done for free, and at their ease, all along –

Fields of artificial trees, thousands of ’em – nothing green, just more grey & white plastic crap that’ll probably all still be standing there, like the pyramids, monuments to our dis-connect.

makes me so sad,

and makes me



:We Are All One:

Well, if there’s ever been a time in history that’s proved we are all just humans, this is it:
how many times can you hear the exact same story only with different names, different countries, before you realize: Hey, we’re all the same!
Fraud, corruption, murder, economic collapse, greed, fraud, murder, corruption, deceit, greed, prostitution, torture, murder, fraud, corruption, deceit…and so on…la dee da…