Cadbury’s Bought by Kraft???

Okay, I know people are dying and starving everywhere, and it’s kind of petty to be all up in arms about Kraft taking over Cadbury’s, but it’s part of the bigger picture!

Kraft is processed food, they don’t care about quality, only money.  Cadbury’s was an independent firm that has been known for delicious chocolate from Britain for decades.

I lived in Canada for some years, and got really into Cadbury’s.  I moved back to the US only to find Cadbury’s didn’t taste quite the same.  I didn’t think much about it, just stopped eating it.

Come to find, Hershey’s owned it in the US. Oh. Now I get it.

Food in the US isn’t about quality.

How could the Brits sell out like this?

I wonder what France woulda done.

It just can’t be all about MONEY!

I mean, lots of soulless bastards make it all come down to money, but THEY ARE WRONG!

I thought England had some PRIDE – unlike America!

WE don’t care if we make and eat shit – WE don’t care if the whole world thinks we make and eat shit.  WE don’t CARE!

Oh, England, My Lionheart…The Nazi’s didn’t get you, but Kraft will – ?

Poor ol’ Fezziwig.

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