Books dedication

Books are people,

worlds of people,

both real and imagined,

perceived by

and peopled by

other people.

You can slip a book into your pocket and take it along on a train ride, into the forest, up to a mountaintop; a book can keep you company at any dreary party, on any rainy day; a book can connect you to the hearts of other people, and allow you insight into humanity.

Thanks to books, we can study ourselves all the way back to Babylon.  Words written by other people in totally different times and totally different spaces show us how we are different, and how we are the same…

Books can educate us, and they can brainwash us; they can fill us with images – for better and worse – and open us to perspectives that don’t exist in our own experience.

Books can frame us, and books can liberate us.

You’d do well to keep your critical wits about you when you are deep inside one.

In these pivotal times, writing is an all important tool for communicating, for exchanging our stories.  Books carry many voices, across waters and walls, and if there is one thing the Writing Center at Evergreen hopes to do, it is to cultivate voice.

Contained in this little book are vignettes from various voices for you to dip into.  We hope they will help push your craft along a little farther.  It is your journey: Write in the margins, argue with us, rewrite us.  We are ready.

The mysterious worlds that await us in books;

By opening this book, you have stepped inside…

dedication for Inkwell vol. 4 2009

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