:We Are All One:

Well, if there’s ever been a time in history that’s proved we are all just humans, this is it:
how many times can you hear the exact same story only with different names, different countries, before you realize: Hey, we’re all the same!
Fraud, corruption, murder, economic collapse, greed, fraud, murder, corruption, deceit, greed, prostitution, torture, murder, fraud, corruption, deceit…and so on…la dee da…

Specifically General Restructuring

General Motors (GM, not to be confused with Genetically Modified, or is it? – see ScaryFoods page) is trying to hold Americans over the fire: If you don’t bail us out, we’ll screw you up!

But no mention of WHY General Motors needs any help to begin with! They complain about job loss, due to lack of business; Hey, no one’s buying their shit; well, maybe they need to make different shit if they want people to get interested!
I mean, once upon a time there was no General Motors!

If General Motors sucks, and the vehicles that General Motors makes are not in tune with our current planetary needs, why not have other folks get all innovative and come up with NEW SHIT!???

Sooner or later we’re gonna have to, so how about rolling up our sleeves and getting to the drawing board?!?

I just don’t understand: Don’t we have brains and talent, resources and KnowHow?
Isn’t that what drove American Enterprise once upon a time?
Why can’t we build new vehicles?
Different vehicles?
Vehicles with batteries that charge up as you peddle along in them?
Do we REALLY need to go faster than 35 miles an hour?  Isn’t that fast enough?
It’s a damn site faster than WALKING!
And we could all certainly afford to get rid of some of the fat that accumulates on our asses from our currently overly sedentary culture, which leads us to needing surgery and medication…

To HELL with GM if they can’t get up to date, and they’re just friggin old dinosaurs who can’t read the writing on the wall, who can’t even change their suits!

:google: ‘too much crazy shit’

I googled “too much crazy shit” tonight

just wondering if anybody else was thinkin’

there’s just too much crazy shit goin’ on,

and this is the kinda stuff I got:

: I didn’t follow any links so I can’t vouch for what’s behind them:

A Whole Lotta Nothing: crazy shit off the top of my head

(this is wholelottanothing.org!)


jdvision: Crazy Shit

Accept that last week there seemed to be so much crazy shit going on I just


People Say Crazy Shit During Sex.


my personal favourite:

Searches related to: too much crazy shit
bat shit crazy crazy shit on the internet crazy shit youtube crazy ass shit
crazy shit myspace crazy shit bible crazy shit machine crazy shit dot com

now ain’t that some crazy shit?

oh boy, how I do love words! especially some good ol’ anglo-saxon;

everybody the world over

loves some good ol’ anglo-saxon!

Excuse Me?

Tonight I listened to the CBC radio show “Ideas” with host Paul Kennedy, titled  “The dog ate my homework”; and it was all about what people were calling excuses – ‘telling an excuse’ I believe was an oft repeated phrase  (it was a few hours ago now).

And I couldn’t help but think: They’re talking about LYING!

It’s so unpleasant to be around liars, people who just don’t have the balls to tell it like it is, who don’t have the balls to be honest –

One chick talked about when someone is really pushing you and won’t take no for an answer; for instance: They really want you to go to this rock and roll show and they just won’t take no, so finally you have to ‘tell an excuse’, like, Well, no, I really can’t, I (insert excuse here)…blah blah blah…

Why couldn’t you just say, Hey, I really hate rock and roll so I don’t wanna go!

Then there are those lying bastards who know they’re lying; they aren’t trying to be nice, they’re deceiving you, manipulating you, fucking you over.

I don’t trust people who tell alot of lies…they’re full of shit.  It’s a drag

peace ~