Read My Lips

Listening to BBC World Service this eve, talking about google glass: how it is being worked up to read various facial expressions/emotions, like happy, sad, angry, etc…

As one speaker said, eventually this facial recognition stuff is “gonna do a better job of identifying my emotions than [a person/you] will.”

You want to know how I’m feeling? How about if you just ASK ME!!!!

It’s called Communication!


Just reading about bloomers on and I couldn’t resist putting my own “bloomers” on display. As I wrote in a comment on that site, I like the combination of pantalettes and dresses because I’m ready for anything: dancing, climbing over fences, cocktails, cartwheels, stretching out, etc…I’ve been shopping in the pj sections for years now, getting lightweight and lovely cotton pantalettes/pantaloons/bloomers, whatever you want to call them, for little money, and a summer style I am really into.  (I guess I also have a modesty streak, but that’s another entry.)

Here are just two samples of a myriad of combinations:

comfy & stylin'

breezy & cool (these pantalettes have little fruits embroidered on them; you can just make out the strawberries)

~  & for all you word nerds out there, about to get on me about “a myriad of  –s”, check this post out: