What’s A Woman To Do?

Violence Against Women, Female Teens, Surges on TV:

LOS ANGELES, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Incidents of violence against women on mainstream U.S. television has increased by 120 percent in the past five years, with the depiction of teen girls as victims rising by some 400 percent, the Parents Television Council said in a report on Wednesday.

reuters http://www.reuters.com/article/mediaNews/idUSN2832457620091028

One of my former housemates was a 40 something year-old bachelor.  He spent hours in his room watching HBO specials like Deadwood, and who knows what else.  One day early on in his residence here, he invited me in to chat with him while he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

Now, I have never been into video games, and had only watched one other person playing one, a war game, complete with instant restocking and rising from the dead.  I’d certainly heard of Grand Theft Auto, and I figured this was a good opportunity to see what it was for myself.  I got there just in time to see his avatar running around city streets shooting random people, with, of course, some repeating weapon.  After he blew a hole through someone, a computerized woman bystander screamed; the avatar said “Shut up Bitch!”, blasted a hole through her chest, and kept on running.

That was pretty well it for me, all I needed to know.

I will just add that this particular housemate was not one to listen much.  I never had a two-way conversation with him.  He’d come in, talk about himself, and leave.  He was also the type who thought he knew everything – would occasionally get all lecturey; but because I’ve actually spent decades studying many different subjects, I would know how short he was on his facts.  But what can you do?

Recently a female friend of mine was driving me home, and as we rounded the corner to my house, we were blocked from further movement by a monster truck stopped at an angle in front of a house recently refitted to be a monster house, taking up every spare foot on all sides of it. The dude who owns the house also owned the car. He’s a big dude.  He was in the street with a few other people.  I opened up the side door to say hey, we need to get by,what’s the deal, and he swaggered over saying “Hey Girls –”

Now, my friend and I are both grown women, but no big deal, I say ‘girls’ sometimes; but why anything at all? He was basically telling us to calm down, they’d only be a minute, his friend just got married, etc.  He proceeded to tell me that he owned that house; I said “I know you own that house”; and then he said: “I know I’m the center of the universe.”

And what could I say? How could I argue?  He was about twice my size, both up and across; he owns his big house, his big truck, and why the hell should he listen to me, a small woman who merely rents and doesn’t even own a driver’s license, let alone a powerful weapon?

And then there’s Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Iran, and all the other increasingly Fundamentalist cultures.

And now this article in today’s news.

What’s a woman to do?

In 2009, what’s a woman to do?

Shut up Bitch.



US Making Things:

just heard this:

4 decades ago

– that’d be circa 1970

95% of clothing in America was made in America;

now only 5% is.

Do we even know how to make clothing anymore?

Forget about shoes…

(data from documentary: “Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags”)

Barking Mad

I just heard, on npr, an interview with Julie Holland, re: her new book: Weekends at Bellevue. It caught my interest firstly because:

When I was in elementary school, I spent every thursday afternoon for almost 2 years at Bellevue.  I had extreme asthma, and a single Mom who made very little money, so Bellevue was the place to go.  They made a sweet guinea pig out of me and left my body with lasting effects from extreme meds, such as epinephrine, ephedrine, and prednisone, liberally pumped into my pre-pubescent body.

Meanwhile, I also worried about the occasional tauntings from classmates re: going to Bellevue, otherwise known as the Loony Bin.  Uh huh.

I was also drawn in because the interview (by Terri Gross) began with questions re: The Naked Dude Barking in Times Square (immediately, I wanted to be a naked dude barking in times square!) ( – dude as asexual reference to cool humanoid).

Naturally, the police took him to Bellevue, and it was Julie who determined right quick that this dude was having a manic episode, cause if you’re naked and barking in Times Square, you must be either having a manic episode, or you’re on drugs.

She related that he was saying the kinds of things that people only say when they are having some kind of drug induced mania, namely that

Everything is connected, our cells are connected;

the molecules in his body were intermingling with the molecules in her body and they were therefore connected;

something someone might think, but wouldn’t normally say – unless they were on drugs, or having a manic episode.


She also said that any of us can go crazy at any time and can be brought to Bellevue –


and she said:

“I can tell when somebody’s lying”


and that

“naked running is PCP” (meaning naked running is symptomatic of being on PCP)

But (not to be confused with Butt) Naked and Barking in Times Square:

Could it possibly be that you’re just sick and fuckin’ tired of all this bullshit?

After all, isn’t everyone barking?

And mad?

Diagnose me.

ps. did you know that “edp” is cop talk for “emotionally disturbed person”?

We are all edp.

Planet Earth is an edp.

pps. Beware the DSM.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diagnostic_and_Statistical_Manual_of_Mental_Disorders

≥ruff ruff≤

Approach to the Moon

words taken from NYTimes article re: recent missile into the moon (in order of appearance):

slammed, projectile, hitting, aiming for, hit a bull’s-eye, capture, debris slammed, excavating, slammed, chilly, perpetual darkness, frigidness, aim next, deep within, permanently shadowed, projectile, hit the Moon, entered, intersect, (twice the) speed of a bullet, hit the bottom, captured, knocked out, impact, theatrics, quick processing, hit, breakdown, impact, “we got something”, ejecta, impact, impact, chilly.

from In Test of Water on Moon, Craft Hits Bull’s-Eye.