gimme a break!

“There are 73 children 14 and younger who have been
imprisoned for life without parole,” Stevenson told the
Court. “…For the age of 13 and younger, there are only
nine kids, and that’s including both kids convicted of
homicide and non-homicide….”

“The most recent Florida data shows, there is 1 inmate
who was 10, 4 inmates who were 11, 5 inmates who were
12, and 31 inmates who were 13 years old at the time of
their offense.”

from: November 11, 2009

okay, this article is also focusing on the fact that most of these kids are black, but, hey,  I don’t care; the point is: THEY’RE KIDS!  Life in prison for a crime committed when someone was 10 years old????

What the hell does a 10 year-old know about her or his self?  Not that 10 year-olds are invalid beings, but, come on! What do 10 year-olds, or even 20 year-olds for that matter, really know about consequences?

How many people hit 30 and look back thinking: oh my god, what was I thinking? or not thinking? what was I doing?

Why do you think the army gets 18 year-olds to do their dirty work for them?  Cause it’s all still an adventure, and the deeper meaning doesn’t kick in til later.  How many people have you known who are raving drinking acid or other dropping possibly violent rebels with dirty hair and funky clothes in their early 20s, then wake up one day around 26, 27, realize they are still alive, cut their hair, buy a button down shirt and join (or try to join) the ranks (for better and worse)?

What kind of parents are the people making these laws/decisions?

What kind of parents are we?


Barking Mad

I just heard, on npr, an interview with Julie Holland, re: her new book: Weekends at Bellevue. It caught my interest firstly because:

When I was in elementary school, I spent every thursday afternoon for almost 2 years at Bellevue.  I had extreme asthma, and a single Mom who made very little money, so Bellevue was the place to go.  They made a sweet guinea pig out of me and left my body with lasting effects from extreme meds, such as epinephrine, ephedrine, and prednisone, liberally pumped into my pre-pubescent body.

Meanwhile, I also worried about the occasional tauntings from classmates re: going to Bellevue, otherwise known as the Loony Bin.  Uh huh.

I was also drawn in because the interview (by Terri Gross) began with questions re: The Naked Dude Barking in Times Square (immediately, I wanted to be a naked dude barking in times square!) ( – dude as asexual reference to cool humanoid).

Naturally, the police took him to Bellevue, and it was Julie who determined right quick that this dude was having a manic episode, cause if you’re naked and barking in Times Square, you must be either having a manic episode, or you’re on drugs.

She related that he was saying the kinds of things that people only say when they are having some kind of drug induced mania, namely that

Everything is connected, our cells are connected;

the molecules in his body were intermingling with the molecules in her body and they were therefore connected;

something someone might think, but wouldn’t normally say – unless they were on drugs, or having a manic episode.


She also said that any of us can go crazy at any time and can be brought to Bellevue –


and she said:

“I can tell when somebody’s lying”


and that

“naked running is PCP” (meaning naked running is symptomatic of being on PCP)

But (not to be confused with Butt) Naked and Barking in Times Square:

Could it possibly be that you’re just sick and fuckin’ tired of all this bullshit?

After all, isn’t everyone barking?

And mad?

Diagnose me.

ps. did you know that “edp” is cop talk for “emotionally disturbed person”?

We are all edp.

Planet Earth is an edp.

pps. Beware the DSM.

≥ruff ruff≤

Cancerous Growth

All I hear these days is “Getting back to growth”:

Why do we have to keep on GROWING? HOW can we keep on growing?

Endless growth is cancer.

Why can’t we find a way to live that is more like, just living? Less dependent on ‘consumption’ and more about making things, doing things, being people…not Growth Growth Growth.

It’s like a panic of some kind.  Remember sundays going for walks and having ice cream?