Inspiring Women

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I’ll note here that Helen Mirren


and Judi Dench


are amazing actresses who inspire me with their craft, and their graceful beauty, especially as they grow older; Cate Blanchett is damn good too, but so gorgeous I just can’t relate; Barbra Streisand is pretty damn inspiring, especially when you know all she’s accomplished.


Two reporters who inspire me greatly are:

 Marie Colvin

Foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times, badass journalist chick, who died in the thick of doing her work on the front lines;

And one of her sheros, Martha Gelhorn

often better known as the wife of a guy who wrote some novels.


One of my favourite fictional females was written by this amazing woman, whose life was far more Gothic than any of her or her sisters’ novels:

Charlotte Bronte

For sure this woman is a Shero.  Her life was more Gothic than her books – for starters, she lived in a cold stone parish house situated in the middle of the cemetery for it, atop the windy moors –  her mother and 2 older sisters died when she was young, and her only brother and her remaining sisters died before she was in her mid 30s – and she lived through all of that to write her strong willed and strong minded books.

Jane Eyre was the first heroine that I knew who ever answered anybody back, and told them like it was; and despite her position in society, and lack of relative beauty, she held her integrity and her head high.

I think of Charlotte Bronte often when I am alone, writing, or not writing…

She keeps me company, is a sister in many ways, and inspires me in my womanhood, and in my writerhood.


Vera Brittain, role model material.

VeraVAD on balustrade

I relate to her ghosts, and am inspired by her dedication to

VeraBrittain profile ciggy

writing about all of it, her perseverance and depth.
See this post re: Testament of Youth.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton  doesn’t get much press, so is hard to appreciate, but she was one helluva feisty woman – check out some of her quotes ~


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