Inspiring Men

In my opinion, These Guys are Doing Their Work, Out There in the World;

They inspire me,

and I am encouraged – as in, given courage, filled with courage by their examples, also filled  with admiration, as well as aspiration, and it’s time to get in there and start fighting!

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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: Working for America

of The Daily Show

He’s number one, esp. in relation to this blog.

He’s about How to Deal With Despair –

Get up on national TV and express Disbelief/Disgust/Anger in the moment, as it happens, to the public; say: Somebody is Watching!

It’s Good Work;  It’s Good Medicine.

Jon Stewart inspires me to DO something, to call it  like it is, to use my energy and anger and creativity in the service of Not letting the BUllShit go by without Calling it Out!

He even said, on Fresh Air, something about how there needs to be some moral authority in the room, earned or otherwise, someone to say “Oh, hold on one second: That was BUllShit.”

That would be All of Us.

He is definitely one of my Heroes.


Barnaby Raine: UK, Student and Activist, works with School Students Against the War

Okay, Not sure he’s MAN-aged yet, and I have to say it’s a toss-up between putting him here, or on my SEXY MEN page, but this 15 year old is AMAZING!  He’s wildly eloquent and brilliant, AND: He’s JEWISH!!!  gosh…got a thing for those Jewish boys…

Here are 2  youtubes of him speaking – more like firing up the troops, followed by an mp3 interview, off-the cuff, whipping along, calling it ALL like it is!  PLUS: He’s ON FIRE!


mp3 interview on Reality Radio  (less than 10 mins)


Latest, about whom I will elaborate soon:

Chris Hedges


Glenn Greenwald



Charles Dickens – Social commenter, extraordinaire –


JR French Artist – pic from Independent UK

French Artist JR.  Follow the link below to hear his TED talk of less than half an hour, and your perspective will be changed, I guarantee it – and oh the way he moves his legs, especially with those cool shoes!  Vive les Francais!


Ros Atkins:

Ros Atkins from World Have Your Say; what a cutie –

(bio from 2008)

(Used to be the) Host of World Have Your Say, from bbc world service radio.

Well, first off, I LOVE this show, it’s fantastic.  My local station carried it live for a while (now I listen online), and what an experience – topics of all kinds, and people from everywhere in the world calling in, emailing, twittering, facebooking, arguing, laughing, bantering…and there’s Ros, in the middle, sometimes mediating, clarifying, calling out dubious facts, making fun with people…

On one show, he went to NYC, walked down to the area of the proposed Muslim center, started in some bar up a few streets, chatted with folks on their way to wherever, dealing so deftly with all these New Yorkers – so funny…

And then I saw a picture of him!  He’s so Cute! (from Cornwall, England)

And recently, the show went to Hackney, in East London; and the way Ros, with “the team”, flows into the shops, talks with the people, is so courteous and familiar at the same time, wow, is so impressive, so relaxed, so open and whatever he is that gets people to go with it…yeah, he’s great.

He inspires me to be On the Ball.


Tom Ashbrook

Tom Ashbrook, from OnPoint

(bio here)

Host of OnPoint another radio show with live on air action, every day of the week –

Tom’s another one so adept at smooth handling; he’s not quite as, hmmmm…street? as Ros; He’s a bit softer on people.  It’s a different format, he handles it all a different way; he plays more the good ol’ question asker – not quite sure about what’s being said, or about what he knows -that’s a good way to handle stuff, though, keeps you calm – says stuff like, Well now wait a minute, I seem to remember…aren’t you saying…? well I thought….I’m not sure I understand…(vs Ros who’s a bit sharper, more confrontational, closer to saying “no no actually that’s not it” – which I love – always cracks me up!)

Tom has on such good people, and he get’s stuff going, and brings in info and challenges people, and talks about What Needs to be Talked About – talks about What’s Going ON! Every DAY for TWO Hours – live, on air, gets into these sticky topics, and soooo many of them!  And MAN, he does his HomeWork!

It’s impressive, and he inspires me to Do My WORK!

Sir Ken Robinson

on our education practices;

“In fact mistakes are punished, conformity is rewarded and what we really expect is regurgitation of information.”

(bio here)

(website here)

He is much more than an author, (Do Watch the TED lecture on this link: 20 mins only, esp. if you love DANCE!!!).

This man is a champion of creativity, of education and the arts, and he believes what I believe: We need a paradigm change – in this case, in the way we view and run education.

Instead of educating ourselves in factories, designing ourselves to fit into a/the system, we need to take into account our creative natures, and cultivate these innate selves, allowing our creativity to flourish.

Imagination and ideas make things, new things, happen.  It is through the arts that we especially cultivate that in us which feels, which explores, which expresses, and takes risks.  Only this way will we be able to – I don’t know,  – find our way out of this mess we’ve made?

Here’s a short and inspiring talk given by him at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts – It’s 55 mins, with much food for thought – he’s also quite amusing.


Russell Brand!

He’s just brilliant, as well as funny, and out there speaking his truths ~




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