15 Minutes.

15 minutes.

15 minutes to pack.
15 minutes to
take what you can
carry in a suitcase,
wear on your back.
10 minutes til the bombs drop.
Say goodbye to your house,
grab who’s nearby –

What do you grab from the
rooms of your life, and
where do you to run to?
The mouth of the sea?

Nobody wants you,
and now you’re surrounded
by walls
and rifles
and boots
and barbed wire
and sneering leering
and the cold sweat of fear
and your loved ones uncovered
in the street
holding your hands.

You got 10 minutes
before we drop the bomb
that will forever shatter your world –
piles of rubble and bodies and
blood where once there were groves –
Better Get it TOGETHER.

Hurry Up and pack for oblivion
Hurry Up and pack for the stars
Hurry Up and pack for death
Or you’ll be dead sooner
than you think.

Knock Knock,
– or did the telephone ring –
– or did I miss that text message –
Out NOW,
The Time Has Come –
Your turn to LOS!
And make it snappy!
We don’t have all day!

15 minutes to
Pack what you can carry;
In 10 minutes
We drop the bomb.

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