Just Another Nation State

My Judaism was bigger than this;

My Judaism had a big tent,
with three sides;
My Judaism wanted to
cultivate the land, not
destroy olive and lemon groves…

My Judaism was the one Peoples tradition,
FOUNDED on the ideals of
Remembering one’s own oppression,
and Social Justice for ALL.

I grew up believing Jews were different.
Maybe some are, but Israel is not.
I’ve known that for awhile now,
but this proves it,
puts it in your face:
Burned him,
Yes, burned him,

Just as sick as anyone.

So, to that Jewish Man,
child of Holocaust survivors,
who refused to listen,
refused to believe,
refused to hear that
Jewish soldiers have shot babies –
Now what?
Jewish people don’t do those things?

Yes; yes, they do.

They are no longer special in that way.

Israel is no longer any different than any other Nations;
Israel has the same sickness as every other Nation in the world.
Maybe they didn’t catch it until they moved to
Their own Nation;
Maybe Nationhood engenders it,
and we were better off in the diaspora,

Remembering that we, too, have been
oppressed, have been hated, have been
reviled, have been walled off and
murdered in our homes.

I remember.
How could I ever forget?

 Israel you are breaking
have broken
my Heart.

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