What’s Up With That????

Okay, it’s 2011;

2011 People!

How the hell can we still be hatin’ on Black Folks???

Just because they’re BROWN!!!????  HELLLOOOOOO?????

And this business about not hiring people if they have a past misdemeanor? (which especially effects those of our citizens who get overwhelmingly picked on):

Damn, do you realize a person can get a misdemeanor for answering back under the wrong circumstances?  (well, don’t want no one answering back y’all!)  Or for smoking a joint on the wrong street?  A JOINT????

PLEASE!!!  What do you call a lying cheating white person who makes a fortune on Wall Street while ripping off all kinds of poor folks???

What do you call rich people who buy their ways out of misdemeanors because they can?

What do you call SLUMLORD BASTARDS who charge a Fortune to poor people in lousy neighborhoods and don’t do shit, but sit fat and pretty far far away????

What kind of fascist rightwing coldhearted greedy f’ing place is America turning into???  Are we trying to catch up with the rightwing fascist trend happening elsewhere? (and I DON’T mean in Egypt!)

Or are we just slipping back into our Puritan/Slave owning/Robber Barons past?


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