Education? Who needs it ~

Cars not Schools;

Bombs not Schools;

Shopping not Schools;

Football not Schools;

Facebook not history;

Twitter not Books;

Shopping not thinking;

Hello? Are you out there?

I know you’ve been whipped up, and are feeling so freaked out that getting online and going shopping seem to be the only things worth it anymore.   I mean, hey, if it’s all gonna fall apart, why not go shopping?  There ain’t no future, so why work for it?  Live for today, Consume while you can!

We need to spend money on industry, and on the military to ensure our access to resources so we can continue having industry so people in America can continue to shop.  So we don’t have enough money to spend on things like school buildings, or teachers, or textbooks, or literacy education for anyone who didn’t get it right the first time around in whatever school they might have been in, or not been in.  We don’t have the luxury of money to spend so our children grow up developed, educated, and with some sense of self confidence and self direction.  We only need workers and shoppers and soldiers.  We don’t need any thinkers or creative types messing things up.

School? Who needs it.  Wouldn’t you rather be a cashier? or a Janitor? or a Factory worker? Come on, we need factories!  And if you can’t get a job in a factory, you can be a soldier!  Come on, we need soldiers!  Democracy, Capitalism is under threat out there, and we need to go stamp out that threat!  Don’t you wanna be somebody?  A Sargent?  I don’t know how much farther up in the ranks you can get without education, but hey, if you can get good enough on that video game you can probably become a great sniper!

So Down with schools, who needs them anyway!

Let’s free up all those kids so they can become…become…?????



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