Daylight bloody Savings Time

Every year this terrible thing happens, and here it comes again, and there’s no staving it off, it’s gonna roll right over me, and OH I HATE IT!

It’s worse than getting up in the morning!

And it’s all for LABOUR!  For ECONOMICS!

Oh what a sad day, when HUMANITY became LABOUR! (a thing, I suppose you could argue, that happened with the expulsion from the garden of Eden, which perhaps was all a conspiracy of mythology created by hierarchical warmongering power hungry types.)

Yes, we’ve always had to do things: make shelters, find ways to cover our bodies, feed ourselves, but THEN, the INDUSTRIAL (are you industrious?) REVOLUTION happened, and we’ve never had a calm moment since, and every week the noise and madness encroaches on our last corners of nature, that’s NATURE: that which is NATURAL.

You may say: clocks are arbitrary.  Yes, indeed.

However: a sundial will show noon at the noon hour we’ve constructed, until this unnatural manipulation happens, and then the sundial will show noon, when the clock says 1.  And since we are made to live by the clock, we are now forced to have a whole extra hour of daylight intrude on our evenings.

Does anybody ever think about the beauty of evenings?

I love evenings, the calm, the relative quiet (depending on where you live, I suppose).

I love cozying up once it gets dark, settling down, SETTLING DOWN – from a busy BUSY DAY!!!!

Does any one in here need to be MORE BUSY???  NEED MORE TIME????

Exactly: there aren’t enough HOURS IN THE DAY to get done all the things we’re beholden to, since the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION came along, since the advent of PAPERWORK, not to mention the tsunami of the INTERNET.

It doesn’t affect the birds and the bees, but it bloody well does affect me, ‘cause I am part bird and bee,

aren’t thee?

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