the 60s

The 60s were about making a better world, for all people, NOT a world of corporations.

In the 60s all across the globe people erupted in movements calling for a change from the hierarchical status quos, for freedom from conformity, for a world where people could be themselves, and equals with each other, individuals open to difference, and able to work toward living together in harmony with our environment.  The 60s were a time when people rose up to claim their rights to be self-determined.

But the 60s were swallowed up by the 80s, and spit back out at us in the form of marketed goods.  And now you can buy the 60s for $9.99 online; you can wear the 60s, you can listen to the 60s, you can have 60s parties, and do 60s drugs, and the 60s becomes just another Hallowe’en costume, a fad, another fashion to exploit.

Yet the 60s just won’t go away.

Because it’s unfinished business.

Because we lost.

Because we got broken.

Because we forgot.

Because we’ve been bought

and sold.




Where oh where

did the fresh air go?

I smelled it, on the hillside,

holding hands that day.

I heard it in the music floating by.

We caught it,

like a flame,

it spread across


A few good deaths,

and now

we’re quiet,

so quiet…

we know how to obey,

stay on the sidewalk,

apply for permits,

say yes sir


I’m just shopping,

on sale now,

quick before it’s all gone.

The mad rush down

the aisles

and miles

of goods and

not so goods…

Democracy means

Wal-Mart is free

to do its own thing.

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