for Spring:

Bright sturdy green shoots spiking up through the damp ground like proud little children sprouting up, lifting their arms small selves to the sun…

Here it comes again, that season that always comes around;

Maybe someday it won’t; maybe some spring will be the last spring; we won’t know it while we’re in it, but it might turn out later to have been the last spring this earth would ever know – after that, darkness, maybe obliteration?

But for now:

Here it is again:

Look, see: things will change, life will flower again, sooner or later…

But I remember:

People wrote about/talked about how spring came and the skies were blue, even at Auschwitz…

Yet my heart delights nonetheless at the sight of snowdrops…

Someone will make it; some sense of possibility, of the magick of life unfolding, of existence, of beauty, of creation, is still there, just beneath the soil…

One thought on “for Spring:

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