“they didn’t care who they killed”

re: persons on trial in NYC for crashing planes into the world trade ctr:

“They didn’t care who they killed!”

Do we care who we kill?

Do drones flying around in Afghanistan care who they kill?

Did we care who we killed in Baghdad?

Did we care who we killed in Vietnam?

How can they call this “Justice” when the verdict is a forgone conclusion?  Are we actually willing to listen to what these people have to say? Aren’t they already found guilty by popular demand? Perhaps by government show trial demand?  What is a trial, a court?  Are we really willing to listen to at least their motivations?  Was it cold-blood, or self-defense?

Fairest courts in the world?!? We’re full of shit.

“As awful as these people are”, “[we are willing to try them in our court system]” – Does that sound unbiased to you?

“Are you suggesting we just take them out and shoot them?”  well, wtf? what’s the difference?  We may as well save our money, take ’em out and shoot ’em, cause we sure as hell have found them guilty – at least we could be HONEST about our CONVICTIONS!

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