Can’t; Not: empty slogans

In the town I live in there are signs hung about by the urban forestry association that say:

“You Can’t Top a Healthy Tree”

(top meaning cut off the main trunk at the top, forcing branches outward with potential rot occurring down the trunk –

Use of the word “Can’t” here is just all wrong, and provoking as well.

Because, yes; yes you CAN Top a Healthy Tree;

you shouldn’t, but you sure as hell can!

There is also an org. –

that has a petition I would like to sign and the lead line is:

“Education is NOT for Sale!”

oh, but it is, it so IS for sale.

It shouldn’t be,

but it is.

Sometimes Just Say No works, but the above statements are way too refutable.  They probably incite more rebellion than thoughtfulness.

It’s part of the rush to create the next catchy slogan that just can’t be argued with; but these so can.

Put your 10¢ here:

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