Foaming at the Mouth

Is Jon Stewart the closest thing we have to an informed human who can rant back at someone like Glenn Beck?

Why aren’t any of us so called liberals foaming at the mouth like this guy, or any of these guys? Why aren’t there any sexy women ranting loudly about humanity the way Sarah Palin rants like she’s the head of the KnowNothing party?  Why aren’t we shouting “LIARS!” every time these KnowNothings start saying bullshit?

To the Tea Party people: Where were you when the Banks and their execs were being bailed out by all OUR tax monies, the money WE’VE worked for that is now lining their homes/yachts/expensive cars?  Where the hell were you then?

Oh, so Wall Street paper pushers are okay, but medical care across the board isn’t?

Talk about Taxation Without Representation: at least Hospitals and Doctors work for ME and YOU and OUR CHILDREN – WHO THE HELL DO BANK EXECS WORK FOR?!?

These people rant against what they label “Socialism”, but don’t think anything of MONOPOLIES!

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