You say Privateers…

I say Pirates…


(the “Privateers” in colonial America (in book by Robert H. Patton)

What’s in a name?

You say Terrorist,

I say Freedom Fighter…

Department of War,

Department of Defense…

Slavery is Freedom,

Work Shall Set You Free;

and the one I’m dealing with lately:

“Employment Security Department”


I’m unemployed.

Not very secure.


2 thoughts on “You say Privateers…

  1. These Somalian privateers sure have been fighting the noble fight.

    “The good fight.” Is this another oxymoron – or can you fight a good fight?


  2. I do think you can fight a good fight – and probably every side of a conflict has those fighting the good fight; but as for definitions of a good fight? teddy kennedy versus glenn beck? native americans versus the u.s. cavalry? warsaw freedom fighters versus nazis? palestinians with rocks versus u.s. backed fully fitted israeli army with tanks?


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