Let the Dark Shine

I just read that “women who live in cities that are brightly lit at night are 73 percent more likely to get breast cancer than those in the darkest areas, a recent study in Israel found” (in AARP Oct. 2008).

“The new study is one of a growing number of studies that have suggested that nighttime light is disruptive to the body, though researchers are still trying to understand the underlying mechanisms.”  http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/25/bright-lights-at-night-perhaps-not-such-a-delight/?pagemode=print

“People who are working while others are stargazing may face the greatest risks. Hormonal disturbances triggered by nighttime exposure to white or bluish light can disrupt circadian rhythms and fuel the growth of tumors, experiments show. Two decades of research indicate that women who work night shifts have unusually high rates of breast cancer, and some data suggest a parallel effect on male workers’ prostate cancer rates. Last December, a unit of the World Health Organization deemed shift work a probable human carcinogen.

“Yet light and cancer may be even more fundamentally linked. In last month’s study, a team that included Richard Stevens, the University of Connecticut Health Center epidemiologist who first proposed the connection, compared satellite images of Israel at night with maps showing where cancers are most common. Its analysis suggests that 73 percent more breast cancers occur in the country’s brightest communities than in its darkest.”


3 thoughts on “Let the Dark Shine

  1. this is so awesome, i love what you’ve done so far with your blog!! also, one of my fave things is how on your tags the word ‘bastards’ is the biggest….

    this is an interesting article. we really have no fucking clue as to how our lives, health, and well being are so influenced by the wacked out decisions we make.


  2. MAAAAY-bee…but sounds like lazy science to me. Mr. Stevens looks at the satellite image, then looks at the cancer map and a light goes off – “Oh, artificial light causes cancer!” Right, and what else is higher in those well-lit, urban/industrial areas? Pollution, stress and…bra wearing? While those third-shifters are working under unnatural conditions into the wee-hours, (or when first-shifters are out late at the club) they may more likely be wearing bras which constrict their lymph node areas, and impede the natural function of those organs…to flush away toxins accumulated from shitty food, shitty working conditions, and stress…



  3. well, maybe some lazy science, but…as for “bra-wearing”, I’d venture a guess that women all across Americas are equally bound;
    meanwhile: I consider myself extremely sensitive to weird “unnatural” electrical vibrations in my area (see Daniel Vitalis) and one thing that drove me right out of NYC, besides no trees, was that I just couldn’t stand not having darkness at night, and I can’t imagine plants and trees like it either, and as for mice, check this out:

    “New Research Shows Artificial Light at Night Stimulates Breast Cancer Growth in Laboratory Mice”



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