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“Muntadhar al-Zeidi, 30, (sentenced to 3 years in jail for throwing his shoes at Bush) defiantly shouted, “Long Live Iraq!” when the sentence was imposed, according to defense lawyers. Some of his relatives collapsed and had to be helped out of the courthouse. Others were forcibly removed by guards after shouting “Down with Bush!”

Many Iraqis interviewed after the verdict believed the sentence was too harsh and that al-Zeidi was a hero for standing up to the American president. Supporters defended his act as a political statement in Arab culture, where throwing shoes at someone is considered an especially serious insult.

On Thursday, defense lawyers quoted al-Zeidi as telling them, ‘At that moment, I saw nothing but Bush, and I felt the blood of the innocents flowing under his feet while he was smiling that smile.'”

For the Iraqi journalist, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who threw his shoes at bush:

I say he’s got more guts than any of Our journalists have!

Thank You for doing what we should’ve done long ago:

(ross macdonald feb 2009 vanity fair)

in the meantime:

“an ABC News/BBC/NHK poll released Thursday found that 62 percent of Iraqis surveyed considered al-Zeidi a hero and only 24 percent considered him a criminal.

Support was highest among Sunni Arabs — 84 percent — and lowest among the Kurds at 38 percent, according to ABC.v”

I wonder what a poll of Americans would reveal…


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