f*k the corporations

same stores, same architecture (if you can call it that), same products, same foods, same shitty foods, same furniture, same christmas ornaments, same soaps, same clothes, same clothes, same clothes,
same same
same same
same same

fuck the corporations:

why the hell should we give tax cuts/tax breaks to corporations?
are we happy being robots working for corporations?

corporations are insidious; who can you talk to if anything goes wrong when you’re dealing with a “corporation”?

corporations don’t give a shit about people, or creativity, or fairness, or anything but profit, and conformity – faceless sameness.

I’m not interested in giving the corporations a “break”;

corporations have ruined our towns and dispossessed us of our opportunities:
if all you can hope for is to be maybe the head cashier or manager at some fucking corporate chain, what is there to strive for?

a paycheck?
a TV?

never to come up with your own ideas, to implement your own designs, strategies, to create your own unique business/life/products; what’s the point? day to day to day to day…nothing of note but shopping for stuff they sell…

whatever happened to ingenuity? folks used to come up with such cool funky ideas, roadside inns, products, and pies…self supporting and independently creative…

“When I grew up”, most of the stores and restaurants in my neighborhood – the Upper West Side of NYC – were owned by the folks inside of them, and that meant:
a) everyone in the store had intimate knowledge of what was in there;
b) everyone eventually knew me; and
c) each business was a model for what was possible for anyone to achieve: autonomy, independence, owning their own; creating their own, implementing their own visions;
consequently, the neighborhood was full of wonderful sights and conversations, not the same ol’ shit that was to be found 5 blocks down, 5 miles away, 50 miles away, 500 miles away…5000 miles away…

All the towns up through New England each had their own flavour;
All the towns across the United States each had their own flavour…
and Now?
what a fucking bore,
not to mention unnatural…

Corporations are trying to deprive you of your individuality!

We are being trained to be a factory species, computer run…

Is this what we want?

Fuck corporate tax breaks; give the people a break, let them create their own worlds, and experience their own lives, see what they come up with, not what corporations want us all to have, everywhere…


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