libraries of knowledge

as they patent animals and herbs and plants, our FOOD, and as google begins to co-opt all the books in the world (how many “google books” entries show up when you query the google search engine,  books you will never be able to read without paying somebody who “owns” them?, books that might quietly disappear…), I feel ever more justified in holding on to my whole library….

Record keepers, seed keepers, knowledge keepers; they can wipe us all out…
So bury it all in rubberized milk cans, save it for as long as you can, things can keep on and on like this, ever more plastic, ever more controlled, ever more digitized, computerized, roboticized, technologized,

but it also might all come down overnight….

2 thoughts on “libraries of knowledge

  1. I think google, by copying books, is helping to save them, and make them more available.

    I want to save all the beautifully bound volumes that I can smell and hold, but if a book is going to disintegrate anyway, I’d love to be able to google it.

    As for the collapse of all things electronic…I hope they have enough back-ups.


  2. yeah but, if there ain’t no computers or electricity you won’t be able to access those “back-ups”; besides,what makes you think that google won’t try to own all that knowledge and restrict access someday in the future, should it serve their interests?


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