:google: ‘too much crazy shit’

I googled “too much crazy shit” tonight

just wondering if anybody else was thinkin’

there’s just too much crazy shit goin’ on,

and this is the kinda stuff I got:

: I didn’t follow any links so I can’t vouch for what’s behind them:

A Whole Lotta Nothing: crazy shit off the top of my head

(this is wholelottanothing.org!)


jdvision: Crazy Shit

Accept that last week there seemed to be so much crazy shit going on I just


People Say Crazy Shit During Sex.


my personal favourite:

Searches related to: too much crazy shit
bat shit crazy crazy shit on the internet crazy shit youtube crazy ass shit
crazy shit myspace crazy shit bible crazy shit machine crazy shit dot com

now ain’t that some crazy shit?

oh boy, how I do love words! especially some good ol’ anglo-saxon;

everybody the world over

loves some good ol’ anglo-saxon!

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